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What have your spending habits been for this campaign?

  • No Passes
  • No Pass last campaign, Elite Pass ($10) this campaign
  • No Pass last campaign, Elite+ Pass ($25) this campaign
  • Elite Pass ($10) last campaign, Elite Pass ($10) this campaign
  • Elite Pass ($10) last campaign, Elite+ Pass ($25) this campaign
  • Elite Pass ($10) last campaign, No Pass this campaign
  • Elite+ Pass ($25) last campaign, Elite Pass ($10) this campaign
  • Elite+ Pass ($25) last campaign, Elite+ Pass ($25) this campaign
  • Elite+ Pass ($25) last campaign, No Pass this campaign

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Reminder: $15 increase from Elite Pass to Elite+ pass gets you:

  • Major Orb of Wisdom
  • Major Orb of Clans (1500 Seals = 75 guild keys)
  • Early access to Mythic
  • 60,000 gold
  • 1000 glory
  • 3000 souls
  • 300 gems
  • 30 Gem Keys
  • 120 Gold Keys
  • 16 Event Keys
  • 40 Glory Keys
  • 2 Epic Vault Keys
  • 1 Orb of Power

Last campaign, I purchased the $25 Elite+ Pass for the first time, having purchased the $10 pass every previously campaign. Now days, that’s the only money I spend in the game. I used to buy things like the flash vault key offers and occasionally the monthly Ring of Wonder.

This campaign, I’m not so sure I want to buy the Elite+ Pass. The allure of the Orb of Power (which I actually don’t need at all) was tempting enough the previous campaign to get me to buy it, but this time it’s worn off.


None. I used to spend money, and will again when their QA becomes obvious. How are mana potions still broken, still giving the enemy an extra turn?

This is the longest I have gone without paying for any game. It feels weird. Even F2P games, I pay for them. I used to buy gems, but their lycan bug made me lose a delve run during faction assault, the thing whose tiers cost gems which I paid real money for.



Haven’t spent a dime on the game in the 3 years i’ve been playing and I doubt I ever will. I just don’t see the value of everything that costs actual money in this game. Plus with the obscene number of cash grabs and “loot boxes” in this game it makes me feel that the prices the devs charge are way to high for what they are selling.

I’d rather grind then spend real money.

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I spend an Elite pass every campaign since i think 90 cent a week is quite good value for me


GoW game supporter here. Just buying to support and enjoy the game. GAP made me happy. Lycantrophy annoyed me. The campaign initially made me feel like a slave until they introduced the reroll. However, no matter what, I still support the game.


The last time I spent any money on this game was several years ago when I got up to VIP level 3 to save having to pay 50 gold to scout the enemy team.

Haven’t supported since the jump to 3.0 (I think) when Legendary Tasks had Gems removed. The steadily increasing resource squeeze, steadily increasing timesink-ness, constant changes to slow down gameplay, and much heavier focus on monetization have only reinforced my decision.

I realize things will never revert to pre-3.0, however there is a LOT of room for more player-friendly updates and if there ever are any major ones I’m open-minded to supporting in the future. Unfortunately the focus seems firmly fixed on the bottom line, so that bottom line will not include my money.

Elite+ on the very first campaign, then Elite

I buy campaign passes - usually the smaller ones - to quench my completionist playstyle. That costs 33 bucks in Indian rupees (less than half an American dollar) per week, which is fine. I have a good time playing this game and discussing the same with lovely people of the community. The money is well spent, I’d say.