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Campaigns of Greed

It is a really bad look that, with the Elite Campaign Pass, you have pay-walled 2 weapons, a pet, and 3 troops!

The fact we have a (super-low) chance of getting them from keys later on is totally beside the point.

The lack of keys and tokens in the Free Pass rewards is also pathetic.

I am disgusted by this blatant money-grab.

For the record, I’ve put something like $120 into this game. That’s 4 times what I would pay for a AAA title, six months after release.

Is that not enough? Is the game in financial strife? We keep hearing it’s been constantly growing since release.

I think we deserve an explanation of what looks like blatant and immoral greed.


I understand…

I think that it’s time to retire from this game.
The unaddressed issues that we have been warning or telling the developers fell on deaf ears.

We did not ask for this system. Quite the opposite, in fact.
@Starlite already explained well enough, and I don’t want to repeat myself.

The fact that I can’t immediately get those weapons, pets, and cards without paying with real money, tells me everything.

The game was never truly P2W, not really, at least not until this 5.0 update.
I am not a so-called Wallet Warrior nor I want to become one.

I’m guessing that Steam reviews will soon adjust accordingly to reflect those “unwanted” changes.

I have put well over 5000 hours into this game.
The updated version 5.1 should be focused on removing the $ sign and put the Gems currency instead. Or more precisely, both methods could stay, but the money sign would grant you everything at once, while the Gems would actually have to be invested and their income adjusted accordingly to get all the rewards for free - no matter if you’re paying or just playing for free.

That’s all I wanted to say.

Thank you.


It was recently highlighted that Sirrian is still reading around the forums ( As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions ): it would be interesting to know (not just a PC answer, of course), whether he’s proud of the ‘pay to reduce grind’ direction that this game has taken in the past couple of years. Not to mention the insane amount of unnecessary clicks in Explore and Campaign, Translation and English issues, borderline nonexistent QA…

Fawkner had created a legacy with Warlords and PQ, but what has been going on in GoW is so incompatible with that legacy, that one can’t help but wonder what changed… Even a ‘sorry guys, but this is the only way to stay afloat’ would mean a lot to those of us who have been a fan of his work for decades…
:thinking: :vulcan_salute:


This blatant cash grab is nothing short of disgraceful. It also makes wars a potential p2w game mode. Disgusting


Normally when a new game mode or feature I’m not a huge fan of rolls out, I can shrug and move on pretty quickly after I do an initial handful of posts offering critiques/feedback.

Not now. The longer this one goes, the angrier and more bummed-out I’m getting.

The notion that I could be waiting until 2021 to be able to craft the stuff I’m missing out on in the Soulforge, and the fact that IF the cosmetic pet makes a reappearance at all, it’s going to cost $50+ worth of Gems (and that’s at Flash Sale prices) to get it to Mythic is, quite honestly, depressing as hell. Sure, you don’t need to push a Pet to Mythic, but I’m certain that IP2/505 know how many collectors race to ascend cosmetic Pets due to how rarely each one comes around.

“Well, just buy the $10 pass then.”

That knee-jerk response is the Entire. Freaking. Point.

The stupid battlepass is designed to be so good it hurts to pass it up. I’ve played a variety of F2P for at least the last 8 years, and I have never…NEVER…felt the sense of “we’re coming for your wallet” like I’m feeling it right now.

I’m happy to spend a F2P game when I feel it has earned my money. I’m no whale - I’m not even a dolphin - but over the last couple years at least I’ve been averaging around $20-30 a month on F2P, maybe a little more. Not a dime of that has gone to GoW. I stopped spending money here a little over 2 years ago. I have never lost hope that the devs/publisher of this game would make changes that made me so happy I started spending again. I’ve put an unbelievable amount of hours into this game, and I always felt I’d love nothing more than for GoW to EARN my money again.

That ship has now well and truly sailed. This update has ensured that my wallet will never open again for Gems of War.

The content included with the battlepass may technically still be able to be earned for free, but locking it behind an incredible time gate, and a not insignificant resource gate, means you are walking a very, very fine line.

Also, as far as I’m aware, the devs have not confirmed whether the new troops will be made available in the crafting rotation immediately, or if they’ll be added to the end of the line. The Mythic troop crafting rotation is currently 13 weeks long, and will be 14 weeks long one month after the Campaign ends. So, will free pass players get a shot at crafting the new Mythic 4 weeks after battlepass buyers get it, when it gets added to the general Mythic pool…or will free pass players wind up waiting a total of 18 weeks for it to come up in the rotation? I think it would be incredibly helpful to get a dev response to this question (or for someone to point it out to me, if such answer has already been supplied).

To say nothing of how many months free pass players will need to wait to be able to get the cosmetic Pet, assuming it’s actually added to the cosmetic Pet rotation at all.

Saying you can still get everything for free may be empirically true, but it’s borderline insulting. Any quasi-active player who actually gives a dang about keeping a full collection is going to feel the full court press to spend the $10…and IP2/505 know it.

This whole situation feels like a gut punch. I’m not sure how many gut punches I can deal with before I decide it’s just not worth it and walk out the door.


Maybe some of you folks need a ‘mental health break’ if you are getting this stressed out over ~1$ a week. That’s really cheap, compared to therapy and medication, which is something to keep in mind.


A dollar a week? That’s not the point. The point is that you are being held to ransom every 11 weeks.


Especially anyone who plays on XBox…keeping up with Microsoft Rewards will easily cover a pass every 10 weeks (and then some). $1 a week is nothing.

A pay wall would actually prevent the player from ever receiving an item. With the exception of the pet, which under the current kingdom progression system doesn’t block progression (and is cosmetic), all other items offered in the campaign will be obtainable without cash payment. It’s not an actual pay wall or pay-to-win.

I’m on the player’s side in 99% of arguments, but this one has been blown out of proportion with hyperbolic arguments.


Ok so I read through your post and I feel like a total jerk for laughing at it. Sorry. I swear my intention is not to make fun of you or anything but I really couldn’t help but laugh. My deepest apologies.


I don’t care if people laugh at me. Part of the cost for posting on a public forum is dealing with all manner of responses.

Folks who love the pass are buying it. Some are posting, but they don’t really need to. The company can see the effect on their bottom line, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Folks who see it as BS, for whichever reason they cite, are calling it out as such. You can’t spend less than zero for something which means you can’t really have an immediate effect on the bottom line. Words (or perhaps a rating on the app store for your platform) are the only tools you have available.

And, one more time for those in the back who are continuing to push the “it’s only $1 a week” argument: The cost is NOT the problem. For me, at least, it never was.


I think developers are gonna do what they’re gonna do. They gotta eat, too. Personally, I wouldn’t waste this much time posting about it. If the developers did something that I didn’t like I’d just walk away. It’s only fun until it’s not fun anymore.

If what the developers are doing is so bad I’d personally like to see people who don’t like it put there money where their mouths are and walk away like I would do. Otherwise, they obviously put out a good product if they are still playing it. Seriously, how many gut punches have you supposedly taken? If I got gut punched even once you can bet I’d walk away in an instant.

In any case, I’ll probably see you here again later, tomorrow, later this week, next week, next month, etc.


I’m really surprised that after the devs roll out a feature that is nearly worthless without spending money, some in the community decide to harass and shame the people who don’t want to pay for it.

Take a mental health break? Sorry I laughed at you? Do you hear yourself? So condescending. These forums are as bad as the WoW forums for toxic posters. You don’t have to agree, but why take the time to post if it is just to attack the poster?


It wasn’t intentional. I just don’t understand how some people would continue supporting something even though they feel betrayed by it. Believe my laughing wasn’t malicious at all. You trying to insinuate it was malicious even though I clearly stated it wasn’t AND apologized for it is both insulting and condescending at the same time.


It was. You posted it in a public space. That was the choice you made when you could have sent a PM instead.

Then what was it? You certainly weren’t laughing with her, so you were instead laughing at her. That derision is, fair to say, malicious.

And, regardless of intent: you don’t get to decide whether it was hurtful, harmful, or not — the person on the receiving end does.

I mean, just look at what you said and decide whether it sounds sincere or mean-spirited:

What’s that saying? Everything that comes before the butt is horse :poop: , right?

Doesn’t count if you don’t mean it.

If you meant it, you’d not have posted what you did, but would rather have explained with argumentation why you found her position laughable, rather than belittle said position (and her) by dismissing and denigrating it without sound reasoning (tl,dr: the second post would have been a better one to make, and wouldn’t have needed the bots where you defend yourself if nothing had been done requiring defense in the first place).


I’m allowed to find things humorous. Just because you don’t find it humorous doesn’t mean I can’t. Seriously, all of a sudden I’m not allowed to find something funny?


Finding it funny is a private act.

Laughing at someone in public isn’t.


And? I’m allowed to find something funny whether someone was intentionally funny or not. And I’m also allowed to say I find something funny when I legitimately find it so. There is no law that says I can’t laugh at something and point it out. There’s plenty of times when I did something unintentionally funny and other people laughed good heartily at it. It’s a normal thing and I should be allowed to find something funny and express it without being jumped on or reported. Seriously is this a new law or something?


I didn’t report you, so. Someone else must agree with me that, even if there’s no law against what you did (and are continuing to do, by the way, by defending the indefensible), it still wasn’t a nice thing to do and is a thing you shouldn’t do in the future.

Because laughing at people is bullying. It’s what jerks do.

Friends laughing with each other at one another’s expense is a different thing entirely because they are friends, so that’s a false equivalence.

It’s my final post on the matter. Grow if you want to, or stagnate — and know that if you continue in this direction, I for one will be less likely to be helpful in the future when you come to the forum with a question.


That’s fine. I have no problem if you don’t want to help but the fact is you’re twisting my actions into your own narrative. You’re only seeing what you want to see. I have explained my side and yet all you want to do is cover your ears and tell me what my intentions are. If that’s the case than as helpful as you have been in the past (and I thank you for it) you can get bent. You don’t have the right to tell me what I’m thinking and what my emotions are and you sure as hell have no right to tell me what I can and cannot find humorous. The fact that you are trying to tell me how I feel makes you the hypocritical bully.

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