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Last week of Campaign: your views on the Free/Paid Pass?

  • I bought a pass & I recommend others to do so
  • I bought a pass & I do not recommend others to do so
  • I didn’t buy a pass

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With multiple players still on the fence about acquiring this pass during this last week, any input may be of value to them.
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I was going to make this exact poll but you missed an option for “I didn’t buy a pass and I do not recommend”. Which is my vote.


Where’s the option “I begrudgingly bought the pass because of FOMO, not because I wanted to.”


I thought of the option, but since the reasons for not buying it may abound, I’d hope further details would be provided instead: in my case, my lack of spending is directly related to the interactions (experienced and observed) with/by company representatives in these forums.


Also just bought the pass to support the game /developers (in the past i bought some gems, i didnt really need).
But atm the communication here is just non existent and doesnt motivate me to buy the next one.


I didn’t buy but have considered it very briefly. The decision was simple; a company that is satisfied with a bug laden product is unworthy of investment.


No pass for me, never will be until they fix a number of issues with bugs/Imperial Deeds/medals/tokens/souls/coin purses need to go or be converted into something useful. It starts with communication tbf, improve that and I may invest, but right now, the game experience is not being improved and hasn’t for some time.

I mean did anyone expect 8 power orbs and $10 for the elite pass? That’s the customer service you get for paying…

Where are the instructions, where’s the customer service for those paying customers…


I bought a pass, and I’m happy with the value I received in return. I like supporting the game but I prefer it when I receive some worthwhile in-game recompense.

That said, I’m very disappointed with the completely unannounced return of the blue orb grind to maintain my troop collection, but that’s IMHO independent of the value I received from the pass. Others are welcome to have varying mileage on that one.


I bought the pass today. I think 10$ not a big deal in every 3 months.
But I disagree with the value. It is the first real p2w item in the game, you get troops which brakes the game balance. Till this point you could get everything for with time.

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I bought the passes, but I’m torn.

The rewards were somewhat minuscule, I really did it for the feelings boost “paying the devs for years of work” brought. $10 is a fair price for 10 weeks, so is whatever the elite pass was.

But I’m really disappointed to reach week 10 and find out there’s a new troop that takes 8 power orbs to craft just like Zuul’goth. I’m supposed to feel victorious, like I got something on all those plebes who didn’t pay like me… instead I’m slapped with another troop that makes me care about ascension orbs again.

I think I’m done. This is an insult.


My wife surprised me and bought the elite +. It was a situation where I had to say thank you, but was actually po’d.

The rewards are trash. Gold keys and a cheese vault key for rewards after the Mythic? Then to find out Enraged Kurandara is… To even have that troop as a brainstorm and think it should released is a joke, never mind actually releasing it.

This dev team doesn’t deserve my money. They don’t listen, they put in little effort with no creativity, and constantly release bugged content that they never fix. They have “jumped the shark.”


I bought the Elite+ Pass.
Did I satisfied with Elite Pass rewards (10$)? Yes.
Did I satisfied with Elite+ Pass rewards (15$)? Absolutely not, they are trash.



Though, dishearteningly enough, it looks more and more like there is actually no one left to offer coffees to.

My opinion, if it wasn’t clear: I encourage you to to buy one if that amount of money is trivial for you and, in any case, just to support the game, not for its return of value (though it is arguably the best bang for your buck offer you will find in the store, IF going through Campaign Tasks is not bothersome for you).


A note: Enraged Kurandara also consumes your Heart of Rage. You have to get another from the vault if you craft.


I bought a $10 Pass and I don’t care if others buy one.



Buying anything from these numpties is a joke.


I bought the Elite+ pass.

Today, I’m feeling a bit enraged, but, if I try to see past that…

Would I recommend the Elite+ pass? Not at this point in the campaign. For the next campaign… eh, you can pass on it. I mean, I did like having things a bit early. An extra week of fully upgraded artifact wasn’t bad - it could make a difference in GW. The extra rewards I didn’t even notice, they’re insignificant for where I’m at in the game currently. All in all, not an extra $15 of value IMO. I suppose it’s something you might consider if it’s the last days of the campaign, you’re behind on tasks and have no way of getting the last reward with it.

Would I recommend the Elite pass? This campaign, yes - $10 for a new mythic and a cosmetic mythic pet is a good deal. We don’t know what rewards future campaigns will have, so can’t say “get it every campaign”, but assuming similar reward structure, I’d say it’s worth it. It’s not expensive, it helps with kingdom power and makes some other things a little less tedious.


Look…it’s simple! This is the apathy that nobody wants by a shitstack that wants your cash for a shit product. Make your choice

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Screwed if you bought it (need 8 orbs). Screwed if you didn’t (need troop & 8 orbs).

Heads I win, tails you lose.