Last week of Campaign: your views on the Free/Paid Pass?

I liked the fact that everything was attainable for free, as my money would be better spent on a new game or anything not gaming related
Then the update made it pay to have everything or wait a few months or more
Now with Enraged Kurandara, it’s occasionally pick 1 of the next several troops u want when we eventually tell u what they are

I’ll still play daily and do the free content
And luckily I won’t feel ripped off, unlike many will and should
In all, this game has gone in a bad direction and will in all likelihood get worse


I bought the pass a couple of weeks ago. I like the game so the mythic for $10 is worth it. I actually waited until like the 7th or 8th week to buy the pass because I didn’t want to get it only to get bored of the tasks and not get the mythic. The tasks were a little tedious but not tedious enough to for me to say ‘screw the mythic. This ain’t worth it’. Of course everyone is different so ymmv.

I’m going to do the same for the next season. I’m going to play the tasks each week. If I don’t get bored out of my skull with the tasks I will pull the trigger towards the end. If I do get tired of them before that then I’ll just stop doing the tasks and not buy the pass.


I bought the pass. Won’t buy again.


After all the wait and money investiment and the players still need 8 Power Orbs and a Legendary troop from the Vault to make the Enraged Kurandara?

Just to be clear: I’m not laughing at the players who fell for this bait, but if I had any doubts that this game could jab the players way below the belt…

I mean, how many of us used Ascension Orbs recently without expecting this dirty move?


Exactly. Like the gif too!


By the time people have enough orbs to craft the last “Evolution” of Kurandara we would supposedly fall behind all the upcoming Mythics Upgrades as well if this is by any means the standard for campaigns mythics.

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I have not buy the Elite pass and will not buy all the next ones.
In fact there is a very high probability that I will not even play the next campaign.
Other than the skill points bonus, what are the rewards on the free pass from an endgame player perspective?
4 purple ingots, 4 gem keys and 2 event keys. A few souls too…easily farmable with a soul team. So to resume: nothing!

Considering I had to spend far too much time for this insignificant crap and also was often forced to spend 2 event or gem keys, jewel stones and even vault keys just to complete some tasks, its safe to consider there is no rewards. I would even say I lost ressources in the process! Good job devs!

Now about the skill points… there are so many tedious and time consuming tasks (arena, treasure map, ranked pvp, delve, …) in this campaign that I dont think a few skill points justify such time investment.

Off topic: its now already 3 troops with exact same gfxs! Looks like the devs found a nice way to save some time. So next are Uncle of Kurandara? Brother of Kurandara?


As far as in game purchases go, this is one of the better things to spend cash on. Although, I don’t like seeing troops/weapons behind paywalls, they will eventually be available for free.

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My vote is “I bought a pass (only after I was able to finish all tasks over 10 weeks) and don’t really care if you buy one.” Unfortunately that is not one of the choices.


The campaign was a great addition to the game and the elite pass was excellent value for money and I can’t recommend it enough.
Elite plus was nice for the early skill bonuses, but the extra rewards don’t warrant the premium price.


I bought the normal elite pass this time, i don’t know if I’ll buynit again next campaign, depends on what the devs has to offer for the next campaign.

on free campaign reward, i’ve stated somewhere that the reward is not satisfactory.

Some of the task are actually consuming resources like event keys, gem keys, gems (sapphire or amethyst or ruby), they’re annoying.

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I just bought the $10 pass and I will every campaign. I will usually play a $20 game for a few months at most or even less with Telltale games so I’m happy to throw $10 every so often at a game I have been playing almost daily for years that I didn’t even pay for in the first place. I can spend $40 for two Telltale games that will be finished in less than 24 hours or two DVDs that will be done in 5ish hours so $40 a year on a game that I will play for 500+ hours is really cheap.


I bought a pass because I too, for $1 a week, could sponsor a developer and make sure they got the food and clothing needed to survive 505 Games.

I used to spend money on GoW out of excitement.
Then I spent money because it felt fair for the hours of entertainment. Similar to Humble Bundles.
But now I just do it out of straight Charity. No better word for it.

That being said 30 days of Game Pass is the same cost as one Elite pass. So if I could only afford one then which one has better value? The fact that the answer is a no brainer should motivate an improved GoW experience…not excuses for why they want the same money, without delivering the same entertainment.


You can get those troops for free 4 weeks after the campaign ends. The mythic will be in keys, in the soulforge and possibly in event shops and the legendary will be in the vault. The pet may be in Saturday pet rescues or may never be available but it doesn’t matter since it is cosmetic on and doesn’t give any advantages to people that do have it.


I bought an elite pass. I was happy till Enraged suddenly discovered in forge … It’s insulting and unfair.


Ok, so shortly in few words.

Didn’t buy pass in current campaign.
Might just skip another campaign as a whole and dont participate in it (or just collect stars i’ll get on the way, without focusing on doing any task).
General opinion of campaign as a whole: not worth it.


The Pass was rubbish. The tasks were demeaning and often connected to aspects of the game players actually comprehensively loathe because they are BROKEN, BROKEN, BROKEN: like treasure hunt and the arena. Or areas of the game that are excisable and excruciatingly annoying to complete like delves. Disrespect your player; you dont seem to care . Well lets see how many players invest or leave before the next shoddy sequence starts. Shameful gaming design.


I didn’t and won’t buy the pass until significant inroads have been made regarding bug repair. For the price, I will stick with game pass every time. No contest

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Cosmetic pets still count toward Kingdom power levels. Case in point, Blackhawk has 5 available pets and 4 of them are “cosmetic”. Power level 15 requires collecting two pets. Power level 17 requires two level 20 pets.

Urskaya, thankfully, has 3 regular (non-event) pets available…but that doesn’t mean a future campaign won’t cause a problem if it involves a kingdom that doesn’t have a wider selection of non-event pets.

I (and others, I’m guessing) have all raised the question on whether, or when, this pet will be available to the people who didn’t buy a battlepa$$. I never saw an answer. Even if it eventually becomes available, it will still cost over 2,000 Gems to get it to mythic.

Before anyone says you don’t need to get event pets to mythic, I point again to Blackhawk as an example where you will need to mythic an event pet unless either a second non-event pet is released or its companion delve is lauched, which would have a pet tied to faction level. (There may be other kingdoms in a similar position but this was the one that came to mind.)

This might help lower-level players who take the “shotgun” approach to spending keys, but high level/end-game players will wait for Urskaya to come around as the featured Kingdom again and use Event keys, which also have a chance to drop Doomclaw. I’m not sure I’d take those odds, myself. Plus, Urskaya is the Event kingdom this week which means it could be another 30+ weeks before it comes back around.

Yes, anywhere from 4 to 18 weeks after the campaign ends. The devs refuse to clarify this further. 4 weeks is acceptable, 18 weeks is a ludicrous time gate for free players.

This is a reach. Since the initial wave of events (Invasion, Raid Boss) began, I’ve only received a mythic from buying event tiers once. Many of my guildmates, a lot of whom play events at the same activity level as me (or higher!) have never received a mythic when buying tiers. Getting a mythic this way is like winning the lottery.

I don’t use winning the lottery as a financial strategy, but maybe some people do.

I disagree, and I didn’t buy one (and won’t buy future ones). The pa$$ was designed to be too good to pass up for any player with an ingrained sense of “how much a mythic is worth in GoW”. The pa$$ may actually be one of the best deals GoW has ever seen, and I don’t say that lightly.

The mentality behind the pa$$ was rubbish.
The psychological squeeze you feel for passing up a $10 mythic (especially while knowing it could take nearly 5 months to show up to craft) is icky rubbish.
The slow resource bleed for free players to even complete the campaign at all, designed entirely to highlight how you get all your resources back and more for “a mere $1 week” is rubbish.

I’ve seen a lot of players say that the pa$$es represent an incredible deal and they’ll likely buy them again. Let’s be realistic. As much as some of us want these silly pa$$es to blow up in the company’s face, they’ve likely done quite the opposite and resulted in a huge payday.

Absolutely correct, but thanks to the overwhelming support from pa$$ buyers, it’s going to continue and likely get worse.


SMARTER design would have been:

Kurandara available at week 10 to all users.

Enraged Kurandara also available at week 10 to EP+ … while still making it 8 power orbs in the soulforge.

Purchases of EP+ would have been a ton higher. Guaranteed.