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Fourth Campaign -- Have you purchased a pass?

  • I purchased the Elite Pass ($10) at the start.
  • I purchased the Elite+ Pass ($25) at the start.
  • I plan to purchase the Elite Pass ($10).
  • I plan to purchase the Elite+ Pass ($25).
  • I have previously purchased Passes, but I won’t buy this campaign’s pass.
  • I have never purchased a Pass, but I would if the cost was lower.
  • I have never purchased a Pass, but I would if the rewards were better.
  • I have never purchased a Pass and never plan to.

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My situation: I’ve purchased the $10 pass in the previous 3 campaigns. I have not yet purchased this pass, although I plan to. I’m waiting till the final week to see how much money I have from Google Opinion Rewards (Google Play store credit for answering surveys from Google). Currently at $7.93. I don’t really want to spend MY money on a campaign pass anymore, but I don’t mind spending Google’s!

I will never purchase the $25 pass unless things drastically change in rewards offered. The $15 extra gives less rewards in comparison to what you get going from Free to $10 Pass.

I didn’t want to make the poll ridiculously long with options, but there are a few more options that are worth talking about. Namely, for the “I have never purchased a Pass” options, they can be broken down into several variables:

  • I’ve purchased a $10 pass, but never a $25 pass. I would buy the $25 pass if the cost was lower (like $5 more instead of $15 more)
  • I’ve purchased a $10 pass, but never a $25 pass. I would buy the $25 pass if the rewards for spending $15 more were better.
  • I’ve never purchased any passes, but I would if the $10/$25 cost was lower (like $5/$15).
  • I’ve never purchased any passes, but I would if the $10/$25 cost had better rewards.

With the $10 pass at least you get a Mythic, some weapons, a pet (that is just cosmetic), and a bunch of other rewards. The $15 reward just gives you that stuff faster, a few more keys/gems, and two major orbs.

The first campaign I bought the pricey pass, then I got the cheap passes. But, I’m not buying anything for this campaign. I hit my breaking point earlier this month for spending money on a game that releases bug after bug after bug, and with poor design choices. Lycanthropy anyone?

I have submitted a ticket about losing gems I bought thanks to a bug, and have not heard back. Why would I spend money when the game can just take it and give me nothing for it because of a bug? Then support is so backlogged that I don’t actually expect a response.


I got the $25 one for the first campaign, but only because of the magic boost (at week 5, you also get week 6’s stat because of the bonus points, so I got an extra week at +6 Magic). With that, I was able to get 5 Pure Factions done.

But the other rewards are not worth it at all so I’ve only bought the $10 pass. And that’s just so I don’t fall behind on Mythics again. I’ve spent the better part of 3 years trying to catch up (almost done - just Yasmine’s Chosen and War left).

Never bought one, and will continue to not buy unless there are some massive player-friendly changes made to the game…which, if the current pattern continues, will be never.

They can stuff their FOMO.


I’ve never bought the pass and probably never will unless you can purchase it for in game currency like Gems. And it would have to be a reasonable amount of Gems, like 100 for the regular pass and 250-300 for the elite. As in the Shop, spending $10 gets you 100 gems and spending $20 gets you 240 gems. So I should be able to buy the Campaign Pass for that amount of gems, as the $10 pass is equivalent to the $10 gem pack and the $25 dollar pass is equivalent to buying the $5 and $20 gems packs for 290 gems.

I’ve never spent a dime on this game and I probably never will. I don’t see the value of the in-game items/boosts for what they are being charged for in real money. Of course it means I spend a lot of time grinding out the resources just to get certain things or level anything up.

Plus the other FTP games that I have played that have some sort of Campaign Pass (Fortnite, Phantasy Star Online) allow you to buy the pass with earnable in game currency. Which is what Gems of War should have done or at least should have given the option to do.

That would absolutely never happen. The $10 Elite Pass itself has 290 gems in the rewards. The extra $15 for the $25 Elite Pass+ awards another 210 gems. There is no one who would ever pay real money for something they can get for “free” when they get back the exact currency they spent to get it.

I’ve only ever bought the first pass. My problem isn’t the rewards themselves. Personally, I don’t think you’re supposed to be buying the pass for any of the rewards other than the mythic. My problem is the tediousness of the tasks. After the first campaign I decided to just try to complete the tasks each week but take my time doing them. If I do everything casually by the end I’ll buy it. Haven’t bought the pass since then because I get bored out of my skull doing those tasks.

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Understandable. They could make an option though that costs gems to purchase that doesn’t include those gem bonuses. As then it would only be for gaining access to earn the extra campaign rewards that require the pass and not what extra bonus you get when purchasing the pass.

I like where you’re going with this.

How about remove gem rewards from the Campaign, and only give them out to those who purchase the passes. (ie. “Buy this pass and get 200 gems bonus!”)

Then replace the gem rewards with something like writs or other low tier resource.

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What I hate the most about campaign is not even the tedious tasks, it’s the 77 weeks ToD cycle, NO amount of $10 mythics gonna make up for the lack of scrolls to +10 the Doom weapons, players started last year or so are… doomed.

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I’ve been thinking for awhile now if I should start buying it. The prizes are a lot better for ten weeks and there’s the mythic… They should make the free pass rewards even worse, maybe that would motivate me, that might even happen… Or they could double the number of treasure maps given, that way they would really get people frustrated enough to upgrade to elite. Except for @awryan, who is known as a avid collector of maps :wink:


The price of standard pass is fine like it is.
I bought the pass he week of duskbringer, simply because didn’t want to wait eons for kingdoms to circle and get weapons.

Other than that I’m too pissed off for non-existant correction on evident MISTAKES.
I resolved myself to not spend any more money until they

  • FIX doomed club and doomed blade
  • put tarots card in the RIGHT pool (i.e. kingdom’s, not the vault) [OR correct reign of tarots card to be the vault, could be acceptable as well]
  • FIX the shop offers fro troops that have to be medaled
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This is the first campaign I bought it for, as soon as lycanthropy was announced I regretted it.

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Based on 63 votes, with each person able to spend up to $25 on an Elite Pass+, there’s $1575 up for grabs. Here’s how the actual spending is going:

$900 - This is how much money 57% of voters (36 players) said they wouldn’t be spending. That is, each of them could spend up to that amount, but they voted that they won’t buy this campaign’s pass (22%), they’ll never buy a campaign pass (32%), they would if the cost was lower (2%), or they would if the rewards were better (1%). So 36 players are doing a F2P on the campaign pass.

$330 - This is the $15 that 22 players aren’t going to be spending. These players either bought the $10 pass (24%) or will buy the $10 pass (11%), but they aren’t going to spend the extra $15 for the Elite Pass+.

$150 - This is actual revenue from the 24% of players who have actually bought a $10 pass. This is money already spent.

$125 - This is actual revenue from the 8% of players who have actually bought a $25 pass. Because you can only select one answer in the poll, anyone who selected this isn’t included in the above $150. That means the 8% who voted here, 5 players, spent $50 (collectively) on the $10 pass and then another $75 to “upgrade” to the $25 pass. This is an important distinction because these players represent the opposite of the ones who bought the $10 pass (or plan to) but won’t spend the extra $15. As you can see, the 5 players who spent $15 extra is absolutely dwarfed by the 22 players who wouldn’t spend the $15 extra.

$70 - This is planned revenue for the $10 passes. It hasn’t come in yet, but presumably it can be counted on to come in (obviously before the campaign ends).

$0 - Rofl… this is the planned revenue for the $25 passes. Unlike the $10 pass, no one voted that they are waiting to spend $25 on the Elite Pass+. I suppose this makes sense, because players who are willing to spend $25 knew they were going to and did it right from the start. We can think of these players as just more dedicated in their spending habits. They’re probably often referred to as the whales of the game, so it makes sense that the “whales” of the game aren’t waiting around to spend money – they’ve already spent it.

This should be absolutely frightening to developers. You’re selling a Campaign Pass, something that is supposed to bring in revenue over the course of a 10 week run. Look at how much money you AREN’T earning. Now maybe ask yourself why?

It’s very easy for online game developers to not think about inventory space, because they think it’s “unlimited.” But if this was Wal-Mart or any other brick store, this wouldn’t fly. Space is limited. But it still matters online, because the game SCREEN has limited space, and you are using it to advertise something that the vast majority of players are ignoring.

Here’s an analogy, and maybe the devs, if they care about the game, can pass it along to the marketing team, who obviously don’t know how to do their jobs:

If this was a physical store, then we have a product that is our main feature. This is something that is only sold once over a course of 10 weeks. If you don’t get it, it’s gone. 63 consumers have walked into the store and looked at this product. It’s front and center. Of those 63 consumers, 57% of them, 36 people, have said “Nope. I see what you’re selling me, but I’m not buying it.”

Only 5 consumers say “I will buy the full product, the whole thing, for the full price!”

Only 15 consumers say “I’m going to buy part of the product, the cheaper part, because spending more doesn’t get me more than I’m spending.”

Then there are 7 consumers who look at the product and say “Uh… I’ll wait to spend the minimum amount. I don’t want to spend it yet, but I will.”

There are no consumers who look at the product and say “I’m definitely going to buy the full product later on!”

That’s really bad. A product like that would never survive in a store, because you’re wasting space trying to sell $15 more that almost nobody buys, and it takes up as much room as the $10 product that only brings in 15% of the total revenue you could make.


I worry that pointing out statistics like this will, if anything, push devs to paywall even more resources and hurt f2p players.

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22% of voters said they’ve stopped buying passes. I would think that would resonate with the devs, if they were rational.


IMO the $10 pass IS their ‘full product’. Revenue from $25 pass sales isn’t meant to surpass $10 pass revenue. The $25 pass exists (almost solely) to make the $10 pass look like a bargain you can’t pass up on. If people are indeed going to spend less on the game then they’ll just tighten the thumbscrews for non-payers until the $10 offers look more attractive than the alternative.


That’s a good theory and it’s quite plausible. Just like how flash offers are the real product and they don’t expect anyone to buy things from the shop.


Polls on a forum are not even close to indicating what the entire player base thinks.