Elite+ Campaign Rewards are a Joke

The Elite Pass for $10 will get you the following:

Resource Amount
Delve Treasure: Coin Purse (Common) 20
Delve Treasure: Gold Ring (Rare) 10
Delve Treasure: King’s Crown (Epic) 2
Delve Treasure: Priest’s Chalice (Ultra-Rare) 4
Emotes: Rune Set 1
Ingots: Common 375
Ingots: Epic 1
Ingots: Rare 5
Ingots: Ultra-Rare 2
Keys: Event 8
Keys: Gem 12
Keys: Glory 177
Keys: Gold 830
Pet Food: Green 60
Pet Food: Purple 60
Pet Food: White 120
Pet Food: Yellow 60
Pet: Kurandarito 31
Portrait 2
Resource: Chaos Shards 400
Resource: Gems 90
Resource: Glory 145
Resource: Gold 25000
Resource: Shards 1400
Resource: Souls 2250
Title: Daemon Slayer 1
Token: Aranaea (Epic) 1
Token: Gaard (Common) 4
Token: Orpheus (Ultra-Rare) 2
Token: Yasmine (Rare) 3
Traitstone: Arcane Stealth 4
Traitstone: Arcane Storm 4
Traitstone: Arcane Swamp 4
Traitstone: Runic Magic 10
Traitstone: Runic Nature 10
Traitstone: Runic Wind 10
Troop: Heart of Rage (Legendary) 1
Troop: Kurandara (Mythic) 1
Troop: Shade of Kurandara (Epic) 16
Weapon: Devil’s Bane 1
Weapon: Hammer of Force 1

For an extra $15 you get all of the above (of course), plus:

Resource Amount
Keys: Event 4
Keys: Gem 9
Keys: Glory 16
Keys: Gold 40
Keys: Vault 1
Major Orb of Clans 1
Major Orb of Wisdom 1
Resource: Gems 120
Resource: Glory 290
Resource: Gold 15000
Resource: Souls 1500

There are only three things you get from the Elite+ pass that you don’t get with the Elite pass. You get a single Vault Key, and you get two Major Orbs (Clan and Wisdom). Because you get a bonus 20 stars per week from the Elite+ pass, you also get access to the Mythic a week before the Elite members. But umm… really? $15 for that junk? Look at the flash sale going on today. 750 Gems and 8 vault keys for $15. It is the BEST gem deal you can get in the game, ever. It’s 50 gems for $1, which is already the highest they offer, plus whatever you get from the vault.

(Actually, I should note that there is a better gem deal, but it’s very tricky – the flash offer the other day that had gems plus guild gifts, if 15 players each purchased it and exchanged it perfectly with each other, everyone would end up with 75 gems per $1 spent, but half the guild would be left out.)

So for 15 dollars you’re getting some absolute junk… 1500 souls? 15k gold? 290 glory? 120 gems? I collect all that and more in one day for free from tributes. A single vault key? That’s the LAST reward, the “You reached 1200 stars!” reward? Really? Gold Keys? Glory Keys? Come on!

There is no good reason to spend the extra $15 for the Elite+ pass. The resources you get are a complete joke.

Of course… the rewards you get from the Elite pass as well are equally horrific, aside from the fact that you get a Mythic troop guaranteed and a legendary troop that will be used for crafting. Those two things are practically the only reason to shell out the $10.

Like which Dev specifically came up with these AWFUL rewards? You give out TWO legendary weapons with the Elite pass and let’s see, where are the 100+ Legendary Ingots to upgrade them? Oh right, you don’t give any. Instead you give 375 Common ingots, 4 Rare, 2 Ultra-Rare, and 1 Epic. WHAT? LOL…

And the Delve Treasure? Oh my goodness. No one uses Coin Purses and Gold Rings. Just out of touch with the players…


Rewards that could be earned in a few hours cost $25 and are spread out over 10 weeks!!!

That value!!!


The only purpose of the Elite+ is to get you farther on the campaign pass track before everyone else. People will 100% buy it only out of not having impulse control and get a free vault key and a couple major orbs as a byproduct.

As far as the rewards themselves, this is how battle/campaign/season/etc passes go. The devs didn’t come up with battle/campaign passes, it exists in thousands of iterations across thousands of games, they just plugged GoW rewards into it and put it out.

If they made 100 levels of rewards that were as valuable as the mythic, it would die out pretty quickly because the imbalance would be ridiculous for people who bought the pass versus people who didn’t. Newer players would have zero incentive to purchase and existing players would burn out to new things because of how much they got at once.

Or if the people who bought it got an incredible permanent buff pulling all the mythics from padding tiers that gave them too many resources as rewards, it would also cause a lot of imbalance. If they stuck 500 gem keys in the pass and newer players got a ridiculous lead out on others by pulling existing mythics, new players who didn’t purchase the pass would be further incentivized to quit playing.

If they made a bundle with just the mythic and weapons without the padding, there would be no campaigns in the first place, but people would likely still be very upset at other people being able to pay for something before they got it. As well, if you look at their previous bundles, it would likely go for a much higher price tag than $10.

You make it sound like the pass isn’t optional…

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It’s almost as if the $25 dollar option exists just to make the $10 option appear as “a great deal”.

Welcome to business boys and girls. :grinning:


I rather like the way it’s done. If you don’t think the rewards are worth the $15, don’t buy it.

You need to consider the fact that they might not actually want to sell Elite+ passes. Sometimes companies offer a more expensive version of something just to make the less expensive version more appealing and sell more of it :wink: It’s a valid marketing tactic, based on anchoring (cognitive bias, look it up). The $10 option looks like a steal compared to the $25, makes it easier for a would-be-customer to take the plunge. It’s used commonly because it works. So the reason the Elite+ rewards are bad is because they’re supposed to be.

I’m glad the Elite+ rewards are not “worth it” if it means people who can only buy the $10 pass don’t get left behind or feel like they’re missing out. My main concern with the passes was that they’d be expensive, but at $10, it’s really not bad compared to many other games out there.

And just to add, I bought the Elite+ pass. Probably won’t do it again, because yeah, it’s not worth it, but I’m happy with my one time purchase :slight_smile:


bonjour les développeurs
la mise a jour 5.0 ou la mise a mort ?
c’est quoi cette campagne obsolète ,c’est une insulte a la communauté que vous nous avez donné , vous avez remis des taches que vous nous aviez enlevé il y a 6 mois ,en disant que c’était obsolète , et qu’il fallait apporter les annonces d’aventure a la place .

maintenant on doit payer 10.99€ ou 27€ et des poussières pour 10 de vie d’armure un poil de magie non mais sérieusement c’est , excusez moi du mot , mais c’est de la MERDE , une honte même

je m’attendais a quelque chose de mieux mais pas pourri a ce point

j’ai été un pigeon a payer 10€ mais sachez que c’est la seule et unique fois que cela arrivera

et tant qu’a y être votre tour infernale est pitoyable comme évent
la seule chose qui fait que je continu a jouer c’est d’être avec mes amis
sur ces nobles paroles je vous laisse dans vos brainstorming inutiles et stériles


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I’ll just say the obvious, careful when complaining about the value of Elite+, as the most likely outcome will be the mythic getting moved to 1200 stars.


I was thinking what does skipping Elite pass cost, in terms of an end player with lots of loot. Just a drop in a bucket.

Emotes: Rune Set 50 gems
Portrait 25 gems
Title: Daemon Slayer 20 gems

Total: 95 gems

Troop: Heart of Rage 800 diamond 4 celestial
Troop: Kurandara 4000 diamond 10 celestial
Weapon: Devil’s Bane ~300 diamond 3 celestial
Weapon: Hammer of Force ~300 diamond 3 celestial

Total 5400 diamonds 20 celestial

Troop: Shade of Kurandara (Epic) 16 ??? Not sure what price to put on it.

However many jewels it costs to make the summoning stones, since event mythics often show up there? :man_shrugging:

I wanted to chime in and shed some light on this.

We had to be very careful with the rewards, as we didn’t want to unfairly balance the game against f2p players. Whenever we introduce new purchases there is a lot of discourse around whether they unbalance the game, and if they exclude certain subsets of players. Often we can’t win with everyone, but we always try our best.


I did the calculations. On Week 6 of the campaign there will be a guild war. Those who purchased the elite+ pass will have 2 more magic than everyone else. Even if 1% of players are willing to pay for a small advantage, its quite a windfall for Digital Bros.

I’ll try to be really nice here Salty, but, have you seen the F2P rewards? o.O They are shockingly bad. I didn’t add them up like I did the paid rewards, but I’m asking myself why I’m even doing the campaign, then I remember the stat boost.

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Price anchoring ftw.

It’s the same reason people rush after the “50 Gems for $1” flash offers. The price of Gems in the cash shop is so absurdly bad that they don’t realize that 50/$1 is still trash. A VIP 50-chest pull, which statistically gives you a 50% chance of pulling a Mythic, costs 2,250 Gems. Even if you’re getting 50 Gems for a buck, that’s $45 worth of Gems…for a 50% chance of pulling a Mythic. This company seriously values Mythic troops at an average of $90 it you look at it from this angle.

It could be argued that even this is another layer of anchoring, because you can buy a “Path to Glory” for $50 and get a Mythic (and one you don’t already own, thanks to the recent change).

But $10 for a battlepass that gives a Mythic? Yeah, there are so many layers of anchoring pushing players towards this that it isn’t funny, and that doesn’t even include the other stuff you get with the pass.

I just hope the glut of money they’re getting from these passes actually results in stuff like improved QA and more gameplay/QOL-focused updates in the future, but the jaded side of me says it’s not going to happen and this cash is just going straight into executives’ pockets and we’ll continue to see yet more monetization updates with very little actual content.


bonjour salty
j’entends bien que vous cherchez l’équilibre pour les récompenses mais au delà de ça on attend un autre gameplay un autre évent ou revoir le pvp pour Eviter de tomber sur les mêmes joueurs en boucle revoir les cartes aux trésor qui pourrait être une solution a vos problèmes de récompenses retravailler l’arène
enfin avant d’essayer de trouver l’équilibre des récompense vous pourriez consolider les bases
franchement cela commence a faire long au niveau de l’innovation
je sais pas sortez nous un nouveau zuul ou faire des equipes de 5 ou 3 cartes dans un mode special peu importe mais du nouveau

ou alors soyez honnete dite nous que le jeu est en train de mourir
je joue depuis plus de 5 ans a gems mais la c’est de pire en pire
on est 28 dans ma guilde une partie a acheté le pack élite et ce sera la seule fois tellement ils sont déçus
et certains vont même arrêter tellement il n’y trouvent plus d’Intérêt je suppose donc que ce sentiment est rependu au sein de la communauté donc si c’est cela que vous voulez
bravo c’est gagne

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So basically… The rewards are :poop: for Free Pass and Elite + Pass because…

You want free players to have an incentive to spend money.
But the Elite + Pass can’t be too good because then it’s too unfair for Free Pass players.

With the hemisphere being Elite Pass.
Because the strategy is to make the ends of the spectrum so :poop::poop::poop::poop: that everyone gravitates towards the middle.

Here’s my solution.
Make the rewards worth while for everyone.
But create Campaign Coupons that players can unlock at the end of the campaign for the upcoming campaigns.
Free Pass can earn $2.
Elite Pass can earn $6.
Elite + Pass can earn $10.

In that scenario free pass will want paid players to have great rewards because by the end of the year they’ll have enough coupons to buy the Elite Pass for Free.
Same Deal with Elite Pass players in the regards to the next tier.
And finally Elite + Players will continue to buy it because of the coupon trade off. At this present time 1 Elite + Pass is the cost of the 2.5 Elite campaigns. That is ridiculous and not worth it. And I honestly don’t think it’s designed for people to actually buy it.

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i think the issue can be solved with adding more reward to the free route, like real reward, diamonds.

Unfairly balance the game?

You do realize that paying customers are the ones who keep your company in business right?

What is unfair and unbalanced is the fact that you provide mediocre rewards for those who do pay.

The ones who do not should be thankful for whatever is GIVEN TO THEM FOR FREE.


The rewards for most battle passes are supposed to be crap. What you’re really paying for is the few rewards that are worth it. In this one the reward that everybody wants is the mythic. The epic and the pet is cool, too. The legendary that comes with it looks like it will actually be harder to get in the long run just because you’ll eventually be able to craft the mythic whereas the legendary needs to be pulled from the vault (if I remember correctly) if you don’t pay for the pass.

The whole idea was to never give good or even decent rewards save for those mentioned in the first place. The idea of battle passes is to throw something so big in there that no one will care what the other rewards are. They’re just gonna want those few big items and that’s it. Seriously I don’t think there was ever a time where you could get a mythic for $10. I’m not saying it’s worth it. I’m just saying the pass isn’t about the rewards. It’s about getting a Mythic for $10.

Holy crap, I think I just convinced myself to buy the pass.

I bought the pass too – the normal pass. You get MORE for $10 than you get for $15 extra. And people talk about price anchoring like it’s a reason: “Wow, $10 seems amazing because $25 has such bad rewards!” Wrong. $10 seems good because a guaranteed specific mythic is included that would have to be pulled or crafted weeks after. That’s why $10 seems OK, not because $25 looks bad (although it does, and it is).