First campaign pass ever that I won't be buying the Elite Pass

Since Campaigns started, I have always purchased the Elite Pass. One time I purchased the Elite Pass+, when they changed the rewards to give Orb of Power and Epic Vault keys. But this is the first campaign I won’t be spending any money. And there are several valid reasons that a lot of players should consider before they buy campaign passes:

  1. The Sparkinator is one of the worst mythics ever released. Only has 25% Skull and Spell damage reduction. No immunities. Only gives Armor to himself on Red matches, but has nothing that benefits from Armor. Steals armor from enemies, which is useless once the armor runs out. Once enemies have no more armor, all he does is create bomb gems and then explode ONE gem. And bomb gems are beyond useless and do nothing more than normal gem explosions do. In fact, Sparkinator is worse, because he creates the bomb gems, but doesn’t guarantee that he’ll explode them, which could allow the enemy to explode the whole board. Just a terrible mythic.
  2. The Chariot… well, all of the “Draw the…” cards are awful and I would never use them in any team. This one is no different.
  3. Shock Hammer weapon is hilariously bad. It does the worst form of damage: scatter damage without any boosts. And it creates bomb gems AFTER it destroys a column.
  4. And last, the pet. Interestingly, the pet would normally be the one thing I might think about nabbing the pass for, in order to assure the kingdom could be upgraded. Power level 27 requires 4 level 20 pets. However, I have the Steam Puppy, which was an absolute steal to get (it was normally $50 on Steam, but it was marked 90% off, so I paid $5 for it, but the game still gave me 250 VIP points for it!)

Without the Steam Puppy, I could see someone getting the campaign pass for the pet, since the other three pets are Sir Botlet (mech team bonus), Puppybot (Adana team bonus), and Pet-o-bot (Tinker Town faction team bonus).

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Another reason not to spend is because zero of your investment is used to eradicate bugs, even simple stuff like spell description errors that could be completely remedied in a couple of hours go ignored ad infinitum.

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An insightful post about woeful cards being offered for a 10 week investment.
Well done for logically calling out the game when it offers rubbish.
We can only hope players don’t buy into it, so the message gets through, DO NOT offer garbage for actual cash.

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epoch of the outraged… lel…

If campaign stuff is actually “good”:
"Booo, this game is soooo pay2win"
If campaign stuff is seemingly “bad”:
"Booo, this game only offers shit for paying customers"

the only problem I see: troops, weapons, etc don’t get any (stat) updates ensuring them to stay relevant or get relevant. you could easily make a “bad troop” into a “great troop”, sadly such updates don’t happen. We’ve got 1k+ troops and maybe 100 (?) of them get used…


I’m going to chirp in with the unpopular opinion that I buy the campaign pass regardless because on the whole this game is absolutely possible to play strictly free to play (even campaign troops do become available to free to play guys eventually and even then you can still play the game without them successfully) and I want to help support a game I enjoy. To me, the 10 week pass seems a very very small token of my appreciation to the team still being here 6 years later constantly supplying us with new content we don’t have to pay real money for. Is there a load of things they could do better or fix… Yup absolutely, but £1 a week from me seems a bargain to keep the lights on in their studio.

However I do agree with the OP, the rewards are pretty trash this time but then I like to use thousands of keys on new mythics Fridays that I know I’ll never use and don’t need for kingdom levels so I’m probably not the best judge of this kind of thing :sweat_smile:


Yes its a small investment based on the duration. But really…when does a single cent improve QoL, address bug issues and so forth? Never! And thats why they get away with doing zero to fix their game…blind spending is just letting them give you the finger indefinitely

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I used to buy the pass and not really care about the quality of the troops/weapon/pet, but they used to give more gems in the $10 pass. Now I kinda care about the quality of the non gem rewards. I still buy the pass if I see at least something that doesn’t make me sad. This one had nothing I felt like paying for.

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