What does magic pet means?

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If you use 4 unique purple troops in 1 team you get a bonus called “master of magic”. The magic pet increases this bonus.

Check the “bonus” tab in the troop building screen for more information.


Here’s how to decode a pet name.

On the main screen for Minishroom, it is called a “Purple Buff Pet”. The “purple” and “buff” are important;

  • “Purple” tells you which color food it requires to level.
  • “Buff” gives you an idea of how the pet’s effect works. There are also “loot” pets.

If you look at the “Bonus” card, it has a line that will say: “x[number] Team Bonus: Magic”. Here’s what each part means:

  • x[number] is a multiplier.
  • “Team Bonus” tells you the multiplier is applied to the special bonus you get when you form teams with 3-4 unique troops that match a certain criteria.
  • “Magic” means this is a color-based team bonus pet. The game uses special words to refer to what we usually consider colors.
    • Magic → Purple
    • Nature → Green
    • Water → Blue
    • Earth → Brown
    • Fire → Red
    • Air → Yellow

There are also creature-type based bonuses and kingdom-based bonuses. So “x2.5 Team Bonus: Broken Spire” means you have to assemble a team with 3-4 unique Broken Spire troops to get it.

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A quick note for non-English speakers or those unfamiliar with the terms used in these Forums, “Buff” means to improve or increase the value or power of something and “Nerf” means to reduce the value or benefit of something.

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It’s a type of pet that boosts magic masteries