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Can someone help me out with pets?

I just got my first pet. The Grimlet. It says “x2 Team Bonus: Apocalypse”. What does that mean? I’m assuming when it says “Purple Buff Pet” that just means I get a better chance to mana surge purple drops.

For example:

The team bonuses for Apocalypse troops are the following:

Lord of End Times
All troops gain +1 Attack for having 2 unique Apocalypse troops
Duke of End Times
All troops gain +3 Attack for having 3 unique Apocalypse troops
King of End Times
All troops gain +3 Attack and +1 Magic for having 4 unique Apocalypse troops

So, let’s say you have 4 unique Apocalypse troops and a 2x pet multiplier:
+3 attack * 2 = 6 attack
+1 magic * 2 = 2 magic

You’ll get +6 attack and +2 magic overall.


Short version: the buffs are really trivial in the end-game. If you even trigger them.

But the pets look nice.

Where can I find this information?

And I don’t see Apocalypse as a Kingdom. What does Apocalypse refer to?

You can find it in game by clicking the “bonus” tab in game with the team selected. But, that only shows current bonuses.

This site has many of them listed. But, I’m sure it isn’t actively updated any longer. Also, the team bonuses for color team bonuses is incorrent on there. However, troop type bonueses are correct on that as far as I know.


Apocalypse is a not a kingdom on the map. But, it has 5 mythic troops.

In the Troop menu, click the filter and pick Apocalypse under the kingdom dropdown.

If you have the troops, you’ll see them there.

If you don’t have the troops, you can click unowned in the filter to see what they look like.


Awesome. Thank you so much for your help and for being so prompt!


You’re welcome. :smile_cat:

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You basically got one of the worst ones there lol. Hard to get the bonus with the limited and rare troop pool, and the stats do not amount to much on those particular troops.

Don’t worry too much about upgrading them, the bonus multiplier increases as follows: 2 -> 2.25 -> 2.5 -> 2.75 -> 3

On a lot of stats, that multiplier won’t actually increase anything for a while.