Fennekit fire bonus?


So I guess Fennekit is a new companion?

The description lists “Team bonus: Fire”.

Could anyone please help me understand what this means?


It gives you bonus on your fire gem mastery


I checked in the Hero settings, here’s what I see:

What am I missing?


@littleblueducktales, it means that you must use 4 unique troops that uses red to get the bonus.


It increases the bonus you get for using four unique red troops.
Just make one such team and look under team bonuses tab.


Cant you use three troops n get a partial bonus?


Thanks @Macawi @Dust_Angel!


Sadly no. :frowning:


You sure miss M ?

Or is color troops diff ?

Is that supposed to be “Master of the air”


Edit: ignore me i am dumb.


Yes, I am positive. All of the color bonus pets Auraio, Crabbie, Fennekit, Griffling, Minishroom and Rocki all require 4 unique troops of that given color to get the bonus.


Lol were noobs :yum::yum::yum::yum:


Just a tiny bit of advice with that team if I may? You want elemaugrim second with infernus third. That way when you cast elemaugrim he self-loops more often than not. Infernus is lethal but not as reliable when in second place & is really only there to make them all burn to boost elemaugrim. (that’s the team I use for stryx on pet rescue)…


Omg, this thread shows we desperately need more info ingame.


This is really valuable information, I’ll see what we can do about clarifying things further in game.


Based on forum queries to date, the colour pets are by far the most confusing due to their “element” buff names.