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GW teams have to have 4 unique to get the bonus

I have all the pets but one, so I’m wondering why GW green teams don’t get a bonus. It seems that Auraio is the pet that should give a green bonus, but I’m not sure what it does.

Forest of Thorns team bonus I’m sure.

Good guess, but nope.


Here’s what a forest of thorns team gets you.

Ok I checked. Yep I was wrong but it does buff green teams. Buffs Health


Duh! My teams had duplicates. That’s why it wasn’t working! OK I’m an idiot.

My brain hasn’t been 100% since I launched my novel. Too many late nights. I’m still playing catch up. I launched my ebook on 4/20 and just launched the paperback version last week. My taxes are a month late and it doesn’t help when I spend 9 hours to max level bounty. :slight_smile:

At least I’m getting good reviews. Writing a book is way more fun than marketing one. Anyway, thanks for helping me figure out what I was doing wrong @Drathas! It was driving me nuts.


Hope the books does well.

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Out of interest, have you checked if you actually get the +8 health buff with the pet applied?

On brown GW day this week I used the pet with +8 health for earth (I checked my troops and teams page and the master of earth +8 health bonus was shown). However, my team did receive the +8 health buff.

I tested my brown team (with 4 unique brown troops) with and without the pet, and no health buff was received to any of my troops.

From what I’ve heard, all the pet bonuses are applied regardless of which one you have equipped. Equipping is just for cosmetic purposes.


If you don’t equip the pet though it doesn’t show the bonus in the troops and teams menu. What cosmetic bonus do you get from equipping a pet? It does seem a bit pointless being able to equip a pet, if you receive all of the bonuses anyway. Can anybody else please clarify (not that I doubt your word Meteorite, but would be nice to know for definite).

On another question, I have seen pets equipped to peoples defence teams to a certain troop, but literally only maybe 3 times in about 500 battles. Now it might be just that I wasn’t paying attention, but has anybody else noticed pets on an opposition troop in ranked pvp?

I’ve checked the 3.4 patch notes and if you equip a pet it appears on your hero’s solider. I never use a hero so will never show my pet, and very rarely do I see them in ranked pvp either (except dawnbringer).

Patch notes state that buffs are applied such as kingdom bonuses, mastery etc, but doesn’t really clarify if you have to equip the pet or if all buffs are passively applied.

True, though it will appear on avatars after a PVP match in the results screen, if that’s incentive enough.

I don’t have many pets to play around with, but I can say that despite having Falabella (bonus to Centaur teams) equipped, the 2% XP bonus from Lucky still appears in the Gold/Soul/XP Bonus breakdown subscreen on the main screen. Also, just threw together a Fey team and the bonus from Feyrie is shown without touching the Pet menu.

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yes it does, i have grimlet equipped. You can see the 2 bonuses from non grimlet pets image


OK thanks that’s interesting, I remember when I tested my theory with earth mastery that when I unequipped the pet the bonus was no longer shown. It was probably very late and my eyes were tired, so I maybe wrong, I will check again later when I’m finished work. That’s great news if all pets buffs passively apply, I have 19 pets so far so definitely gives incentive to carry on collecting them.