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Eyelet pet give no bonus (Not a bug)

Ok so correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t supposed to give bonus to the team when you use mystics? Because I have 3 in team and no bonuses are given whatsoever, ty

Eyelet doesn’t give a bonus to mystics, it multiplies the bonus given to mystics. Standard team bonus rules apply, it sounds like you might not me using three unique mystic troops. What’s your team setup?

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Ok I have 2 warlocks, my hero and the legendary ork girl with weird name who gets tripple damage and 30 souls when the enemy has higher health than her (she’s mystic btw)

If you replace one Warlock with a unique mystic you will get the bonus for 3 unique mystics. Now you are only using 2 unique - Warlock and Sol Zara

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Ohh so no bonus at all for 2 uniques then. Thank you :slight_smile:

Colour bonus kicks at four distinct Troops of that Colour.
Type bonus kicks at three distinct Troops of that Type (and gets better with four).
Kingdom bonus kicks at two distinct Troops from that Kingdom (and gets better with three, even better with four).


Oh that’s why I was confused because I got bonus on a team when I had 2 troops from Karakoth so I thought the bonus would start at 2 for all, but it’s not. Ty

A few more details here