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I got 99 problems...but having all the pets ain't one

Special thanks to all the AWR member pet gnome hunters! Couldn’t of done this without your help. :grinning:



Took you long enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


2 weeks? Had been stuck at 35 for 5 days of them. :wink:

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Yeah, I am just jealous, I only have 31 so far :slight_smile:

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Congratulations @Aelthwyn and Anonymous!
I just saw that you beat me by a hour. Damn RNG. :wink:

What does the Minishroom do exactly? It says it boosts Team Bonus: Magic, but I have no clue “which magic” it boosts.

I’ve looked at team bonuses (whether it is kingdom, or type) which give a magic bonus but that isn’t boosted…

Or does it boost the Magic Bonus you get when all corresponding guild tasks have been completed, making this pet useless for non-top-of-the-line guilds?

It boosts magic when you have 4 purple troops.


You have to use troops that uses purple to get the bonus @Carolilya.


Many thanks for the clarification!

Somehow I was completely understanding that Auraio (Nature), Crabbie (Water), Fennelit (Fire), Griffling (Air) and Rocki (Earth) boosted the color bonus, but with Minishroom I mistook the element Magic for the stat Magic and was completely confused :laughing:

Well, that’s a really good pet then, you can’t have too much Magic :wink:

Thanks again!

EDIT: So you only need to upgrade him when you have gotten him to level 20, because the regular Magic bonus is +1, and level 1 is the x2 modifier, and level 20 is the x3 modifier, correct? The ones in between won’t help at all?


Actually, level 15 is enough for the +3 magic since the game rounds up 2.75, there’s no actual point in leveling him to 20 :slight_smile:

PS: great job AWR!


Hence my name for it. :wink:


We did? Thanks then. And congrats to you too!

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Honestly, I’m just surprised you didn’t name them all after yourself.


Please don’t give him ideas, he might change them fast.


Oddly enough…I can say with 100% certainty. That I’ve never taken the advice of trolls.
But congratulations to you both for being ugly about this positive thread. :clap::clap::clap::clap:

We both know, include all the other active poster on these boards, like 150 - that I am as little troll there is. Zuboki’s joke was quite good, so I expected you to laugh of it. Have a little self irony, bruddah.

“A thread that was much necessary because it was no threads like this before”, you mean? Your narcisist personality shines through again.


Considering every time you post on my threads. It’s negative…I stand by my words.

I didn’t say it was necessary. I said it was positive… Wasn’t negative and wasn’t me being critical of the devs or game.
But yet snyde comments still found their way here. Jealously is a hell of a driving force. My apologies to you both if my success with pets generated that emotion in either of you.

And good luck to you visiting a therapist for the first time to get some help with your narcissist personality disorder, better late than never. Still a great choice.

Is this you still you not being a troll?

Omg… The guild I created from scratch without knowing any other players. That I named after a myself. Became a top 20 guild in a video game. I must be a narcissist. Clearly. Thanks for the epiphany.
Nevermind the fact, that you feel entitled enough to diagnose someone based on what you see on a public forum. Perhaps, you should look yourself in the mirror…

Not at all, bruddah. What was your score on the narcissist test that ___ was so kind to share with you some time ago? We all are here to help you.

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