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"Magic Bonus" is either broken or worded poorly

Platform, device version and operating system

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
My minishroom says it is applying “Magic Team Bonus x2.25”. I could interpret that to mean many things:

  • The Magic of all my troops is more than doubled.
  • My Kingdom magic bonuses are more than doubled.
  • My Guild magic bonus is more than doubled.
  • Some extra bonus is applied to my team.

I’ve checked the “Bonuses” tab in “Troops” and I get no visible bonus. I’ve checked The “Skills” tab on the “Hero” page and I have no visible bonus. Even my “Masteries” on the Hero page, which has a visible “Pets” category, has no value.

So what does “Magic Team Bonus x2.25” mean? How am I supposed to know?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Obtain a troop like Minishroom.
  2. Have no clue what it does.

Lol my question exactly. Not sure what it does!

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I have no idea what it means, either, but I absolutely wanted to say by now that you write the most hilarious bug reports on this forum (especially the “Steps to make it happen again”).:rofl:

Check your purple gw team

OK I figured it out but it raises more questions.

If I form an all-Purple team (“a magic team”), I get a +2 stat bonus. So.

What is the point of having 2.25, 2.5, and 2.75 if the game rounds down?

SO I guess the rule for parsing a pet card is:

One part says “Purple Buff Pet”. Read that as “{Color} {Effect} Pet”. The buff only applies to teams (maybe troops) that match the color specified.

The other part says “x{number} Team Bonus: {specifier}”.

The bonus will add number (Which should be a ‘+’ sign, devs) to the team if and only if each troop matches specifier?

So Falabella is “Green Buff Pet” with “x? Team Bonus: Centaur”. Does that mean:

  • I have to form an all-green team to be eligible, then all Centaurs get +? to… something?
  • I have to form an all-Centaur team, and all green Centaurs get +? to… something?
  • If I form an all-green team, I get 2 Centaurs added to the team?

The illusion of progress!

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From putting heads together it seems like it works like this for Falabella:

  • There is/has always been a bonus for having “4 unique Centaur Troops”. This is the 1x version of the bonus.
  • If you form an all-green team with 4 unique Centaur troops, Falabella’s x2 is applied to that 1x bonus.
  • Thus, in theory, the decimal points will sometimes matter.

How the heck was I supposed to figure that out from “Green Buff Pet, x2 Team Bonus: Centaur”? Where’s my “None Pizza Left Beef” pet?

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Just to clarify a few things here:

The color of the pet doesn’t directly have any connection to what it buffs, it specifies what kind of food it likes to eat.

The Bonus card tells you which team bonus it buffs (the bonuses you get for using unique troops of that type/kingdom).

Feyrie is a Purple Buff Pet. Therefor she likes eating Purple Food (Purple food will have a star next to it in the Level up tab and will award more XP to the pet). She is also a Buff Pet, meaning she buffs one of your existing team bonuses. (Loot pets buff your Souls/Gold/XP, Event pets are just Cosmetic)


Looking at Feyrie’s Bonus Card we can see she buffs the Fey Team Bonus, which you get for having 3-4 Unique Fey troops on your team.


Looking at this example team I put together, you can see we have 3 Team Bonuses active for it:
Lord of Summer - 2 Unique Bright Forest Troops
Lord of Thorns - 2 Unique Forest of Thorns Troops
Fey General - 4 Unique Fey Troops


You can see Feyrie displayed in the Fey General section to show that that bonus is being buffed by her. (it is normally +2 Attack and +2 Magic) If I had Twigant as well you would see him showing up on the Lord of Thorns section and an increase to those buffs.

TL;DR: Pets buff the existing team bonuses mentioned on their Bonus card. The colour of the pet isn’t directly tied to what they buff. (Though you will usually see like with like, eg a Purple team bonus pet is generally purple etc)


I don’t know why my quote isn’t working after updating my pc today.

You clearly stated 3-4 troops gets the buff. I have the minischroom. It is not working at all with 3 purple troops, only with 4 troop, and ONLY gives +2 Magic. Mine is Epic +2.75. Can you elaborate why this Pet follows totally different rules. If its bugged that’s fine, I would just like to know.

The number of troops required to activate team bonuses varies slightly based on the team bonus in question:

Kingdom Team Bonuses are 2-4 Unique Troops
Troop Type Bonuses are 3-4 Unique Troops
Mono Colour bonuses are only for 4 Unique Troops


OK I think I can field this now that @Ozball’s clarified the color part. Thanks for that extra bit, it wasn’t clear to me that the color just meant the food, and my choice of a ‘Magic Team’ pet made it more confusing. (Actually he answered it already whoops, not deleting, not sorry.)

Right now, there’s an undocumented set of bonuses in the game. There are bonuses for having 3 unique troops from a certain kingdom/creature type, and larger bonuses for having 4. There are bonuses for having 4 unique troops using a certain color, but I didn’t find a color that has a bonus for 3. Ozball didn’t specifically say “3 troops of a certain color”.

So roughly speaking it’s likely intended that:

  • 3 Centaurs :white_check_mark:
  • 3 Bright Forest troops :white_check_mark:
  • 3 Purple troops :x:

Part of the problem is these bonuses aren’t visible/browsable anywhere, you just have to know they exist and build the teams to see what they are. The pets kind of guide you to it.

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Okay just to add on the questions that we have for Mono color teams pets as this will greatly affect guild wars.

I have Minishroom, i equip it. I see that that I have +2 Magic at the bonus tab. My Minishroom is level 10 the current bonus is x2.5.

I de-equip the Minishroom, strangly I still have the +2 Magic at the bonus tab with the Minishroom pic on it. This doesnt seems right.

And what does the 2.25, 2.5, 2.75 if the bonus they multiply is 1? The game just round down the decimal value?

You always get all pet bonus, equip pet just for looksm


ah yeah you are right haha

This is actually a bit more complicated to explain, but I’ll try to keep it brief. In short, our code uses the IEEE 754 standard of Round Half to Even. Meaning that .5 decimals get rounded to the nearest Even number, so 2.5 gets rounded down to 2, while 3.5 gets rounded up to 4 (4.5 also gets rounded down to 4, etc).

So in this particular case, 2.25 and 2.5 will get rounded down to 2, but once you hit 2.75 it should start rounding up to 3.


thanks for your reply, i got it

so it gives you double the same bonus with 2.25 and 2.50
means ,you get onöy +2 for both levels
so my question is
why is 2.50 as a level good for i allreay have +2 from 2.25?
or do i understand something wrong
same with upgrade bonuses

Consistency, the multiplier is the same for all similar pets. Consider it to work a bit like Crescendo, it has a powerful effect, so you need to level up more than once to benefit. Besides, those pet levels get you some gems and chaos orbs, so you’ll eventually want to level up, even if you don’t consider yourself a completionist.

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  1. That kind of rounding is more colloquially called “banker’s rounding” because it’s more fair than “normal” rounding. We only round values x.1 through x.9, so that means we round down for { 1, 2, 3, 4 } and up for { 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 }. Thus, that rounding has a bias for rounding up. When we use “banker’s rounding”, we have to consider 2 different numbers to see if it’s fair. We round up the 9 values from 1.1 to 1.9 and down the 9 values from 2.1 to 2.9, thus there are 9 “round up” possibilities and 9 “round down” possibilities, thus “it’s more fair”.
  2. For the current considered bonuses, the decimal points on multipliers aren’t very relevant. But perhaps there will someday be new bonuses with higher factors. Then they would be relevant. Or there might be pets with higher multipliers. Either way you’re going to level it to max anyway :wink:

I didn’t read all replies yet, so I might say something that already been said, but…
As long as I play this game it tought me that x2 means (+2) not (x2) as it should x)

But when it stands 3:1 it really means what it truly is. Unfair, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: