What does it sound like to you?

When your playing alot of the sounds are just grunts or screams . The egg thief to me says,“Get a Tina Daddy” I know I’m just hearing it wrong but ? What the ? Does she say? What do you hear.?

I heard it like, Get a … honey.


She steals an egg, so she says, ‘He didn’t need it anyway’.


I periodically use GoWdb to check out the sounds.

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I tried to slow it down but I still hear it as ''Get a tina daddy ‘’ Every time.

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I remember her saying that ! now i will have to listen again. I don’t know how it sounds different now.

Yep. She definitely says “he didn’t need it anyway”.

People play with sounds?

Lol, but for real, I never play with sounds. “Mana surge” can only be heard so many times before sanity is lost. :rofl:


I don’t. I only played one battle to listen to her myself.

Thiugh I quite like the gap music, but overall there are just too many sound effects for my liking, and only so often that I can listen to “mana surge” on repeat. :joy:

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I listened to the GaP music on YouTube and liked it for sure! I typically don’t play mobile games with sounds anyway so that I can carry conversations and such with my wife while playing :rofl:

Sounds like a game developer saying: " Its working as intended"