Ability to silence "mana surge" voice notification

Hearing “mana surge” over and over during play becomes tedious. I would like to retain the other game sounds, while turning that voice off.


If you play on Steam it is possible to replace that sound in the local files with an empty sound. Or you could replace it with something more bearable.


More specifically the file to replace on Steam version is at SteamApps\common\Gems of War\res\Sounds\Voice\ManaSurge.mp3 (yes, quite easy to find)

Creating an empty file or deleting the file altogether doesn’t work(the game hangs). However there’s conveniently silent mp3 of 0 length at Sounds\FX\Tick.mp3 that can be used to replace ManaSurge.

Tried that myself right now and it works perfectly - the annoying constant voice is gone.
Might not survive the game update but I’m quite ready to repeat the procedure each time.

Thanks to CSZ for giving an idea.


Likewise, if you were to edit the files in such a manner that every sound effect was “Mana Surge!”, I would totally watch that stream.

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Is there any way to do this on Android? I will gladly root my phone or whatever needs to be done!

does GoW support rooted devices? (i have no idea)

Mmmmm a daft thing to get annoyed about. We’ve had objections to almost every sound and visual effect in the game.

Next we need someone complaining they don’t like all those coloured gems cluttering up the screen, can we turn them off.

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I don’t think this is an unfair thing to get annoyed about. Different people have different peeves. His is a sound effect, yours is Bone Dragon. shrug


i wish i could steal human make up or human hair for my elf avatar :confused: but this graphic hard to edit xD

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Works like a charm, Thanks!

No it’s not a daft thing to get annoyed about for many. Hearing "mana surge " constantly and overlapping drove me to turn off sounds. It’s been requested many times. Every turn, every cascade, and layering the voice is beyond annoying. Sounds should enhance a game not overwhelm it. All the sound effects turn into a wall of noise.
I play on Andriod and can’t adjust the volume of sound effects in relation to music. That would be a big help.

I haven’t played with the sound on for months. Instead of worrying about individual things, just turn them all off. You won’t be missing anything.


I know this is suppose to be a serious matter but forgive me for finding that funny. I laugh all the time when he say it multiple times in row, “mana surge, mana surge, mana surge” followed by… “critical hit”. :smile:

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An .mp3 of either Sirrian or Nimhain burping woud be a most excellent replacement.


I am with @thejaz180. I am laughing so hard there are tears. #CriticalHit

Ooh, I’m gonna change mine to “from the unlimited power of the universe!” :sunglasses:


Maybe off-topic, but I want to share my favorite sound replcements.

Mana Surge - Homer Simpson’s "Woohoo!"
Critical Hit - The over-the-top death scream from the SCV from Starcraft II.
Jackelope - R2D2 sounds
Paladin Spell - The Holy Hand Grenade sound from Worms 2

I don’t intend to devalue the devs default sounds in any means, but I personally enjoy these sounds more. It just adds to the crazyness.


i enjoy “critical surge” every time it happens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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