Poll: When was the last time, you had the game music+sound turned on?

  • I always play with sound
  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Within the last week
  • Within the last month
  • Within the last year
  • More than one year ago
  • More than five years ago

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(I am wondering, if I am the only one, who forgets from time to time, that this game does have a sound option at all…)

I occasionally turn it on just because I like the GaP music. Also, the world map music is great for using as hold music if you just leave your phone in the room while you go to the bathroom or something.


I’m an “always with sound” but for me that is always “music off, sound on low”. I do enjoy some of the troop sound effects.



I usually have the music off, but I always play with effects sounds on. I like the bangs, surges and whoosh sounds. :joy_cat:


1% for both

The only time I have the music turned on is for GaP, because I like that piece.

The standard in-game music is dull and uninteresting IMO.


Always off on everything, with the sole exception of cranking up the music when running a GAP.


Also a GAP-only sound person – although if that was constant I might want an occasional break from it…


How much would the sheet music for that be, I wonder

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I generally turn game sounds down (or off, in this case) due to the fact that I’m also listening to something else at the same time.

I will keep sound on for games that need full focus but GoW end game is just grinding so it gets only a small bit of my attention. And only in short bursts.

Yep. I’m usually either on the phone or listening to Spotify through my headset

(I should have included a bonus option to ask, how many players know, that the Gnome Rush has its own musical theme. I certainly did not until this thread.)

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