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Wizz-Bang! (title changed so it won't attract attention)

I swear, if I hear that cow say “Wizz-Bang” one more time, I’m going to puke.

I turned the sound off months ago and listen to music while I am playing. Haven’t heard wizz-bang in months.


I turned my sounds off 2 years ago… I don’t even know which troop shouts “Wizz-Bang”…


It does make you smile though when 5 out of the 100 times she buffs stats instead :blush:

I forgot this game even had sound. Been playing 2 years and muted it immediately :roll_eyes:


Same here. I’m beginning to wonder how many people are playing with the sound ON.

I turn the music on when new kingdoms come out because the music for legendary battles is seriously good. I also like the treasure hunt music.

As for the sound, I actually like it, too, but it’s just overwhelming at 4x speed. I turned it off after I started playing on higher speed around two months after I started. It’s a pity, I would like to play with sound, actually, but I cannot stand anything slower than 4x speed anymore.

I play with the sound on (quietly). I appreciate the auditory cues when there are gnomes and actually enjoy some of the sound effects. The death sound of Hag cracks me up every time.

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The treasure hunt music is all I listen to!! It makes me want to watch Harry Potter haha :laughing:


Maybe they should speed up the sound with the animation.

Alvin & The Chipmunks telling me about every mana surge - what’s not to love?!


I used to play the game muted… but the sound of ridiculous doomstorm explosions are too funny…

I think this every time as well!

Devs would take out the “wizz-bang” sound in an instant if the players figured out where the idea originally came from…

I play with the sound on most of the time, unless I am also watching a movie with the family… I like the music, and I like the audio cues for gameplay…

I’d quite like to change the title of this thread from the attention-grabbing joke that it is… to something that reflects the actual topic… but up to you I guess…

Fixed (in more than 10 char).

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Somehow the title now attracts more attention :joy:

Sure, but at least it’s the right attention, rather than my thinking it’s some deep and profound idea to fix the game…

I would play with sound on if it didn’t mention every mana surge .__.


To be able to just mute MANA SURGE…

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