You know you've been playing too much GoW when

When you close your eyes and see the game board with the skulls showing more prominently than the other gems.


With me it’s the sounds. I hear the swing of the sword. The scream of pain as the enemy dies. The treasures falling into my hands. Lol.

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I hear the music for hours afterward.


I sometimes start designing troops in my sleep.


…when I saw a traffic light turn from green to yellow, and thought the Alchemist had gone off.


When you discover a treasure map promising riches and go, “Bah! I’ll save it for later.”


When you go to a symphony, which includes Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries…and all you can picture is a board of gems changing primarily into blue.

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I keep hearing “Mana Surge” where ever I go. True story.

And I keep replying to it: “Mana Purge”.


When you 3 year old son keeps walking around the house shouting “Mana SURGE!”


You and me both…

So, since you all play too much, this little quiz should be easy for you!

When does this guy appear in the game:

If they work, feel free to use spoiler tags to hide answers, so as not to rob others of their chance to answer as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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For my 3yo daughter it’s “Daddy, you got a Extra TURN!”

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I know but how to spoiler tag???:grimacing:

Whenever I sleep I surely will dream about the gem and some of the troop abilities! Whenever I close my eyes I’ll match gem

Lamia :stuck_out_tongue:


When the word “soon” implies a completely different meaning.

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Oh please, Blizzard gave us that years ago. Or Valve rather.

That being said, I know this lot play Blizzard games. Coincidence?? I think not!


Ever heard of “no agenda”?

Resurrecting this thread for some holiday shenanigans~

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I sing the songs all the time. I had to stop. It’s a problem. I hear the songs in other songs even. Now I turn music completely off and pipe in bluetooth soundtracks of epic music from youtube (sorry devs, love your music but you need more tunes, it’s so addicting!!!) hehe.