You know you've been playing too much GoW when

…when you see colour matches in the baubles hanging on the Christmas tree…


Necro-ing this old thread, as it’s funny and the new regulars may enjoy joining in…

…and for me, recently:

You know you’ve been playing too much GoW when you wait ages for the AI to make its move… in Treasure Hunt…


I do that all the time!!!

You know youve played to much when your making matches in your froot loops


you’ve played too much

  • when the first thing you think of when your alarm clock goes off is “collect tribute!”
  • when you think of your roommate, to who you just spontanically offered to go out with - who replied to you that is ready to go as he/she stands right now, as empowered
  • when you start assuming that you are expected to do the first turn
  • when you are searching through a mess and wishing you had a color filter
  • when you dont want to buy 3 copies of same product uncounsciously thinking it would create a 3-match and disappear
  • when you hear someone bragging that the game/battle/situation was “epic” and that brings to you an image that looks only mediocre

I caught myself doing that a few times. I’m a TH veteran, I should know better lol.

  • when you were suppose to check something on the phone - you take your phone out - something distracts you - next thing you see is the floating gem wheel in loading screen and you find yourself wondering what was that you wanted to do with your phone?

When you enter PvP with your explore team 3 times a row…

  • when you spend 30+ minutes constructing defense team that will be suitable only this week, and then you start thinking about testing it
  • when you didnt do a single pvp in monday spending the whole time trying to device a suitable defense team first (happened to me a few times :sweat_smile: )


when you see a 5-match instead of party feast


When youv been awake for so long that everywhere you turn you see gems.


…when you spend 3 hours scripting, story boarding, creating, editing a video about a game you love, which maybe 250 people will see :stuck_out_tongue: :upside_down: :laughing:


OMG so true! When I saw the cup sets in my kitchen this morning I was confused why the cup colors don’t match :sleeping:


Hahaha! Happens to me all the time! :laughing:

I was on the way to work Monday morning after a looooong weekend of Katamari Damacy.

I knew it was time for a break when I almost instinctively rammed my car into a street lamp at the crest of a bridge thinking what a good strategy it would be.


When troops start appearing in your dream.

I had a nightmare, 2 weeks ago, where Goblin haunted my dream and somehow beat me and I lose my long win streak. Woke up and quickly logged in on phone and relieved it was just a dream. :pensive:


When you collect tribute twice watching the best Star Wars movie since Empire Strikes Back in a theater.
When you wait for tribute before you jump in the shower.
When you’ve already addicted your 2 old to play. It builds her confidence in knowing her colors. It’s damn adorable when she says ‘victory’ or ‘to battle’.

None Of The Above


When colors start triggering new ideas for teams (happened with MtG too)

When your dreams start putting you on quests in kingdoms and you meet the characters as cartoon creatures in an Alice in Wonderland style setting. ( I must say Archon Statue was pretty cool)

When you talk to your partner about new things you can do as if you’re talking about your childrens’ success at school.

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Yeah all I see there is you’re gonna be down five slices of pizza and it will probably upgrade to pepper. WTF wants that?!!?


I hear and feel your pain.

I have that happen a little more frequently with my real job… It sometimes is very disheartening.

I don’t know what you’re talking about … what party? That’s obviously a 5-match waiting to happen.