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What are the reasons to turn games exhausting?

This game keeps smashing layer upon layer of “content” onto each other, arguably leading to a severe burnout of players.

I remember times, when a login two or three times a week would have been fine and playing was for fun when I felt like it. Then came the years of Guild wars every week, that would require a few minutes every day. Still bearable without feeling bad.
Better times it were.

This weekend will feature: A running world event, a guild war and a new underworld faction.
It is going to be brutal.

I don’t see players ask for new features anymore in the last years. I see players dropping out in loads because they do not want or can keep up with the treadmill anymore. Even in a guild, that keeps its requirements low and is perfectly fine to be somewhere in the top 500, this is a constant issue.
I would actually wish for this game to drastically reduce its amount of contents, and I am certainly not the only one who could it enjoy more that way.

Still the developers keep adding and adding. I dare to think, even whales can be drained of their energy, so… why?

This game is not the worst contender, I have met so far (that would have been one, that I had to structure my whole day and sleeping schedule around in a time, when I did not need to care about a job… after three weeks I was so broken, that I started to type the text of Hamlet into the chat, line by line), but it is getting into an area, where it is severely stressful.

There is enough stuff in this one to make two games out of it. Not really fun games, nothing close to the quality of Puzzle Quest, but enough to keep players engaged on a casual level for a couple of years. Why create a monstrous golem of tons of rotten leftovers instead?


The answer is $$$

You’ll notice since 4.7 and probably sooner everything released, “groundwork” they call it, revolves around the player spending more and more.

There are many “features” like the Doomed Blade with poor design and they are never fixed. They put things like that off because they can’t charge players for fixing it.

Only new shiny stuff to buy. It will never change.


I hate to be this person, but if the game exhausts you and makes you stressed about having to complete everything every day, then don’t play it. I don’t mean offense by that; it’s okay to feel that way, and the healthy option is to cut it out of your life in exchange for something healthier. Feeling the need to play a game to the point where you’re stressed out if you can’t complete everything each day is a red flag of addiction. Again, not trying to bash you or say you’re weak. Addiction is no joke.

Personally, I love how much there is to do. I fully agree that much of it could stand to be fleshed out more, however, I would rather have all the content even in its current state than not have it at all. I can play this game for a long time each day if I want to; by the time I’ve completed everything for the day and start grinding Explore is where I start to get bored.

TL;DR - This is a game meant to be played for enjoyment and meant to be played at your own pace. If you feel stressed and burdened by not meeting the optimal pace, it may be time to look for a new game.

Stay safe out there!


Gws was moved to once a month due to us not being overwhelmed. How’s that working out now days? This week we have Gws,another guild event, weekly faction, weekly class event,campaigns,daily tasks, and pets. Lol did I get them all ?. I agree it is all about money


weekend faction

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If I correctly recall, the devs’ words were more or less: “We don’t expect players to finish everything everyday.”

But there is some lingering pressure to do it as the “new content” is all about battles that keep scaling the enemies’ stats until you can’t play it anymore. The line between challenge/fun and chores seems nearly non-existent in my opinion. Mainly because the new content are just more battles, sigils, more shop tiers, more gatekeeping, more cumbersome UI demanding more and more time wasted with unnecessary clicks to sabotage the players’ agency…


Though it wasn’t a substantial way to make gems.
Tower of dooms offered a nice rebate to some of the gems spent thanks to the guild leaderboards.
We were told guild leaderboards could happen in world events. Yet not a single one of them has been anything but individual based.
So if that stays true.
Then in the span of 11 week increments we’ve gone from.
11 weeks out of 11 weeks able to make gems.
5/6 weeks out of 11 weeks able to make gems.
To now…
3 weeks out of 11 weeks able to make gems…

Meanwhile every new thing since the creation of Guild Wars. Has been to drain gems, gold, or straight up money.

It feels exhausting… Because the devs keep trying to bleed instead of feed.
Meaning their literal strategy is to bleed players out until they give up.
Rather than feed us and keep us engaged due to pure enjoyment.

If you’ve played GoW consecutively over the span of 3 years. I’m 99% sure that all of you have at least one common trait. Stubbornness.

The real end game isn’t getting every troop enhanced nor every kingdom to level 30.

The true end game is the ability to hold and keep playing. While the devs or 505 keep stepping on your fingers in hopes of you falling.
I’m specifically speaking to the design choices the past 18 months or so.
Not in terms of customer interaction with support. I don’t feel like they are pushing us out the door. It’s the people who’s faces we will never see and names we will never know. Because it’s easy to bleed something or someone…when you don’t attach humanity to them.

When it comes to GoW… If you aren’t exploiting (not cheating) the game in some way. Then you are being exploited by the game. :man_shrugging:


Thxs I figured I forgot something

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Game just makes you numb. Its like expecting something nice when nice will never be delivered. The game is pay to win . You can couch it in gem nonsense but it involves cash ; real money to stay and play in any meaningful sense. That’s why its exhausting. You can respond and say you dont need to pay, but to even be involved at any reasonable level, you need to pay. No sugar coating it. No hiding it.

I thought it was discourage those of us who use three accounts, like my brother on Mobile, PS4, and Xbox. With each update, three accounts become more and more difficult to maintain. Not that I would know anything about that…did I say “those of us”? Wasn’t me. I would never be crazy enough to do something like that…