You're Burning Your Own Self

LOL I always see people saying that they’re “Burnt out” because theirs supposedly too much/many game modes and that they’re dropping Gems Of War entirely. Well, it’s not meant for folks to try and burn their own self out and play every single game mode.

I don’t know the history, but I’ve got a couple of thoughts.

These style of games attract people who like schedules/routines and commit to them. They also attract people who are completionists and want to collect all the things. People who only play sporadically and don’t care about how many troops, weapons, pets etc. they unlock are less likely to stick with the game for long. They’d probably move on to something else.

Long-term players may have been able to complete all events/modes in the past, but as the game has grown, this may no longer be possible.

Guilds may have requirements such as ‘complete all guild events’ that were written from an earlier version of the game when there were less events.

Add these factors together and you could have players who do feel compelled and pressured to complete everything. Add in the monetisation and gacha/gambling aspects and it can be harmful.

Rather than laugh at people, we can remind each other that it’s just a game. It’s entertainment, not an obligation or an investment. If you feel you can’t turn it off and stop playing for a week, it might be worth talking to someone about the impact it’s having on you.

So I think it’s great for people to reccognise when it is affecting them adversely and decide not to play anymore. They can always come back to it later, if they want to. But not everyone is good at doing things in moderation. Some of us are ‘all or nothing’ type people, so just doing some of the events is not going to appeal to everyone.


I couldn’t even imagine having to start a new account and ALL the modes I would HAVE to play, just to get decent troops/teams and how long it would take to get where my current account is now.
I’m lucky enough to be in a great guild, that doesn’t mandate the gem sink events (although I do try to help finish guild events for my homies) and having an account where my progress has gotten so far, I can easily skip a large number of events if I want.

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