What are possible solutions for if we have issue's/problem after Australian workweek times?

Im here now so 2 months pretty active, I read it a lot and have also a bit a problem that when its for dev’s team after their workday we must wait till they are back again.
Im from the Netherlands and thats is 13 hours time different and like an issue/problem with GW on Monday morning its there almost Monday night so with placing defense issue I must stay awake till in the early hours or let my team down that I cant place a defense (for example!)
Are there in all those years this game exists, never find a way to have someone for other timezones who can solve important issues like my example and now with the BC problem
Or am I then too hopeful or not realistic?


@Shivandri you’re not wrong. This has been brought up many times in the past by the community, testers, etc. The staff realize this, but for something as large as hiring dedicated staff to new positions to deal with it, there’s not anything more we can do.

Other suggestions have been to change when the daily reset occurs so that it happens earlier in the day for the Australian devs so that they have time to pivot and address an issue with most of a work day on their Fridays instead of it happening towards the end of day. Or staggering work days so that there is a community management team member plus a dev or two who is authorized to fix and change the code on duty every day so at least there isn’t a two and half day stretch of silence when things go wrong on the weekend.

Ultimately, none of this is our call and is entirely at the discretion and size of the IP2 team, their management, and Australian labor laws.

EDIT: To be clear, I’m just a community member who has been down this road before and have no knowledge of the inner workings of IP2.


Hi @ctenn2ls,

Thanks for your info very clear, I really thought we live in a 24/7 hours world and of course everyone deserves free time and I know how much time scripting can cost and how much can go wrong by just a wrong , or . but if I think just out loud if you want to give your business a good service worldwide then you make a team who works from 6 am to 3 pm, from 3 pm till 11 pm and from 11 pm till 6 am like in very much jobs is so there is a 24/7 365 days a year someone who represent your business.
I had also had to work on special days, all times of the day coz healthcare dont stop at workweek hours, and we have 24/7 supermarkets, and so many other jobs who work that way.
If I should work there I should be restless in the evening hours, weekends or holiday/special days that people couldnt use my service, I was responsible for in this game.
A designer/scripter I know lives in NL and his work has customers in Thailand and that make that he is several times at 3 am has meetings online coz its then day there and its the service of the product you earn your salary with…


Report officially. Create a ticket. Wait. GW is the only mode I can’t tolerate a bug so I joined a guild without GW requirement. I still set my defense team though…

They may not be earning enough to hire an on-call programmer to fix things. The 3 crowns missing issue is just equal to 100 gems and GW was bugged for a long time now.


Hi @Wow,

I used GW bug as example and of course I could make a ticket, but that will not be read before Monday and I think that the problem then is already solved coz the vault event is closed.
Im very patient and tbh there are worse things in the world but yeah its real annoying that every time come back that there is no response of the dev’s side, that after work time (in Australia) and weekends a problem cant be fixed…
Thats why I made this topic and its clear that you all, already try many years to solve this issue! Pity enough with no satisfied solution! :frowning:

I play another game and reset happens in their working hours. If something gamebreaking happens, they’ll stay and try to fix it.

If it’s a minor bug it gets addressed as soon as possible. And compensation is more than the equivalent of a measly 50 gems.

Now that game has a (generous) energy system, and last weekend we had server issues there - so severe that some were unable to log in at all.

We got double XP and missions at no cost for 24h which is usually what they give out as a gift after an update (so it’s generous, too).

They had someone there on the weekend working on a fix.

Now I have no idea about the size of either crew so I kind of understand that no one is there on the weekends. But I don’t understand why they don’t set reset to the start of their working day.

I also don’t understand why they forget that some bugs exist and make the same mistakes again but that’s a different issue.

I guess without changing their work schedules which I fully understand may be tough to maybe even not possible right now, they could change reset times. But maybe that’s too hard to code? :sweat_smile::rofl:


Gems of War earns millions. It’s not run with somebody peddling a bike Dynamo to keep the power going.

They have never considered providing a service after daily reset.

It’s why we get the same issues over and over again, and patches come out with more monetisation over fixing the same issues plaguing us for years. They don’t need to, just send some minor gem compo and it’s happy days.

It’s also why there’s no care at all at this time about the crowns, they still rake in the cash whilst things rarely work properly.

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With how slow the game gets sometimes you could think it actually was.


As an Australian, gem’s hours are completely out of whack. I’m pretty sure the times are set for europe.

Regardless of your issues, those of us 10 hours ahead deal with the same problems at the same time as you.

If there’s an issue, maybe we should go to St Kilda, buy the staff coffees and say please :slight_smile:

Reality is that we’ve been waiting for half a decade for the team to improve or learn from their mistakes and with few exceptions (Jeto, artists) there hasn’t been any appreciable progress.

It’s not for lack of opportunities to learn from mistakes…

Maybe docking pay would help.

9/10 crowns? You get 9/10 your pay.
Game only works on 3/4 platforms? 3/4 your regular wages for you.


Hi @FrogStompa,

Let me be clear!!

I havent made this topic to judge over the dev’s how they must do their work!
Im grateful for this game and play this with much pleasure and passion every day!
Over the hours you speak, everyone has their own hours they can play the game. Some play at night, others in early morning…

I made this topic coz by problems, issues most of the time several mentions that there come no reaction of the dev’s side, that there is no fix coz its evening or weekend.
Its for us, a game so it can be annoying, frustrating or wtv its a game give it not the pleasure you want just go do something you like and come back later
But from the dev’s it their work and as in every job you must give a good result otherwise you get to hear imo fair that you dont do it okay and yeah its still a game, but that will not say that coz its not a life-threatening problem that you can do your work half or give your users the feeling not to be taken serious!
So I will never judge the dev’s or anyone coz who am I to judge others… I just read, see and think out loud over my vision, idea’s, things I think that can be getting more attention or can be better.

Remember the 1st palooza? They were down at the espy of prince Charles drinking and not worrying.

It’s not so much their work times, more around little rested changes put into production, then we get some bulls‽’ excuse of a database issue

But regardless of Timezone, somebody will miss out

Could pay me in cursed runes and I’ll answer the phones for IP2 :rofl:


Rarer than rocking horse shi$. But much love to you and Garry for what you do

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They can just start weekend events on Thursday instead of Friday so they would still have Friday to fix bugs. Cheapest solution, no additional money cost to hire people for weekends.
However, I don’t expect that devs ever will fix that or even acknowledge that their internal processes are setup wrong (and they are definitely setup wrong because they are making the same mistakes again and again).


Unfortunately, this is a feature of live service games. The game might be available 24/7 but the people making it aren’t.

Some developers are better about it than others but just something you have to learn to live with.

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