Update idea for devs

novel idea, how about up update your game at the start of your business hours. Instead of updating and letting the comunity get angry over a buggy mess. It happens every update.


were you ever in school and had a paper do that day and were working right up until you had to go to class to get it printed out?

i’m guessing this was their paper.

either that, or they were sitting on the update until end of day, thinking, this will be fun! can’t wait to see all the reports tomorrow!’ and then laughing maniacally and rubbing their hands.

i suppose if they do the update and go home, they have a list to address. but we know we have 50 gems incoming :rofl:

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Our updates are usually released at around midnight UTC, which is either 10am or 11am our time here in Melbourne. Our developers typically begin work between 8am to 10am.

We do aim to release as close to the start of our working day as possible (after we run pre-release checks, sync up with each other etc.) so we can monitor the update on release day.


Cool, that’s great to know.

Would be fantastic if reset would be around that time as well in case something goes wrong. People steaming for hours is never a good idea. :sweat_smile:

Nice, though it is still a mystery how users discover day-one bugs so incredibly obvious they should have never made it past internal alpha. Time crunch maybe? There’s one or three in every release.


Cool, now mate listen to this. In future you could make the updates ready, and release them prior to weekly reset. Like, an hour before the reset or an hour after the reset. These last updates have been and are GAME BREAKING and even if you think there in your HQs that all is fine, it isn’t. Having a maintenance hour or two is perfectly fine. Most succesful games have those and the game servers are offline at those times. But most important part is to release the update exactly during the weekly reset.


This is not really possible with GoW, is it? It would work if all of the game worked on the servers, but it doesn’t, there’s a significant part that relies on the local installed client. How do you force all players to update their clients at the exact given time, when the game allows at least a 48h window before it forces everyone to update? My second account is still on 7.1.5 version over 24h after 7.2 went live.

you could release it early enough that its forced to be downloaded before the weekly reset, but to only take effect AFTER the reset, though it may increase the size of the game installed to do that, since it would have both versions downloaded at the same time

It’s too early for me to even try to explain properly but surely there is better way to release update than this mid week nonsense? Schaafy’s idea above for example?

Generally, all clientside updates must go through a screening by the platform owner (which is difficult to assign a timeframe for) but I imagine that once it gets the OK, it would be best to time the actual release with the Weekly Reset.

If the updates would happen regularly on weekly reset, it wouldn’t affect anyone in a negative way.

If somebody wouldn’t say, open their console in monday or tuesday, they would still be in the same position anyway. They would just have to update their game before they could play.

Now these mid week updates cause unnecessary chaos to Underspire which affects people who play them daily.