Update Forecast

Hey all,

I had some free time, so I decided to consolidate some data to estimate when the newest updates will be. Check it out!

I will keep this updated as new versions release.


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Neat chart, just wanted to suggest that the chance of an (anticipated) update coming out on 12/25… Christmas is 0%.

They’d need to be in the office incase of catastrophic failure/bugs and … yeah that wouldn’t work out.

As a guess, it’ll probably be the week before or something for Holiday music and assets and stuff.


With the trailer already out (and bugged), I would assume they plan a november release. If it takes longer than that, I would hope, it proves so buggy, that they have to push it back to january.
Mid-december would definitely be a worst case scenario. Having a fresh update with all its predictable issues drop right before the holidays sounds like a disaster much worse than the usual “here’s your new stuff, see you on monday”.

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Well, I would think they would remember the krinklemas disaster with the “bans for everyone.” The only time frames that makes sense is early November or in January because releasing 7.2 during the holidays is a disaster waiting to happen.

I mean, when was the last time they released a patch without bugs or issues? Or ever?:rofl:


Agreed, this simply shows the statistical averages. Doesn’t account for holidays and such.

That’s my thought too, hopefully an early update this time!

Added update 7.2.

I just read the whole thread searching for a forecast of bugs to come in future updates :grin: Just in case you need a bigger challenge to forecast :wink:

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7.3 arrived 7 days earlier than expected.

Anticipated range for 7.4:
February 4-18

Anticipated update in 2-4 weeks!


We had a bit of a shake up so unfortunately, your predictions are going to be thrown out a bit at least for the next update. We need more time :slight_smile: (also this is fun to see)


the longer it takes until we get the next RNG “funnnnnnn” update the better.

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Sad to hear of course (good to make sure the update rocks!), but this comment made my day :joy:

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We are approaching the end of the anticipated date range (Feb. 4-18) for 7.4. Given we know it will be a bit late and the recent announcement about guild wars, I’m making a totally uninformed guess that the update will be within the next 2-3 weeks!


My guess is theyll drop something for guild war, but who knows :wink:

GW week has usually been when we get the update. But now the GW has been postponed. And we need patch for the bugs to have a GW. But the update usually happens on GW week. And GW has been postponed. And we need the patch… Aaaaarrrgghhh!


Are we in a loop? Will there never be an update?? Has GW been lost for forever???

P.s. best of luck fixing the bugs :crossed_fingers:


Sounds like Groundhog Day.


Last time an update teaser video was posted, the update released a week later. So 7.4 may be early next week :blush:

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Here’s hoping that u guys can test out things next week and discover all the new bugs…er, I mean features available in 7.4.:rofl:

Who knows? Maybe they will just include this as part of the NS Catch up and Synch update on March 18th.

7.4 dropped today, earlier than expected!

7.5 expected range is between May 6th-11th :smile:


With the recent news of Beta 7.5 opening soon, I went ahead and found all the old Betas I could and checked how long it took after the initial Beta posts for the updates to drop!

The average amount of time is 44 days. 44 days from now is May 8th (rounded up to May 9th due to how my spreadsheet works). May 9th also happens to be the average of the expected update range based on the amount of time between previous updates…

I’m on to you, IP2! :wink:

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