Change daily reset to midnight UTC

The daily reset currently occurs at 6 PM in Victoria, Australia, where I+2 is headquartered; this change would cause the daily reset to occur at 11 AM instead.

Given the proliferation of bugs over the last few months, especially those of a time-sensitive nature, like the infinite loop possible upon GaP release, the game-freezing Wyrmrun traits, and the current disappearance of Flesh Horror as a battlecrasher, it is unconscionable that the player base should have to wait about fifteen (!) hours before any newly discovered bugs begin to be addressed.

The situation is even worse for weekend events, since the release occurs after Friday evening for the devs.

Changing the daily reset to midnight UTC allows devs to monitor new weekly and weekend content during work hours and to respond to bugs promptly as they are discovered.


I realize this is a potentially hard ask for IP2 to change an internal process like this, but it honestly makes a ton more sense for the company to be able to quickly pivot and make adjustments immediately after the reset. It seems like much of the frustration on these forums comes as a result of a delay in response from the IP2 simply because the bugs are discovered after your team’s working hours, often when you all are living your personal lives or are asleep.

If it’s not doable to adjust the reset time to be earlier in your business day, please consider looking into remote employees in a few different time zones who are “on call” and empowered to escalate problems and provide feedback and fixes. I believe that would go a long way into helping with community feedback and responsiveness.


In light of recent issues, here’s a bump to this topic.


I like the current reset time, reset happens at 8:00 AM (9 AM during summer) so I can play in the morning before reset and may do events.
However for the greater good I support this request!

As much as I’d like to support a change, I am not convince this is needed. The GW bug went on for a week and they were not able to fix this.

Bugs that take longer to fix certainly would not benefit as much from this change as bugs that are simpler to fix, but it would be disingenuous to try to apply my general suggestion on just this specific example.

And while faster bug-fixing would be a nice side effect, my suggestion is more about the immediacy of an official response. The official acknowledgement of the GW bug happened well after it was reported, at least twelve hours—half the day—after the daily reset, and this suggestion would certainly help narrow that gap.


Just going to bump this thread as every week this change becomes more obvious of its necessity. :blue_heart: