Well *that* was rude

Seriously, I’m standing right there… :cry:


Being honest is rude?

:angry: Honest!? For your information, I am not filthy. I shower at least once every month!

Depends on what liquid you use to shower :stuck_out_tongue:

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:unamused: Obviously I would use nothing less than the finest swamp water Mist of Scales has to offer.

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Well there’s your problem, water. I thought all Naga bathed in the blood of the innocent.

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Such insults! I have no more to say to an ignorant speciesist such as yourself, so I shall bid you good day! :triumph:

No! Wait! I’m not speciesist! That’s just what that dragon told me! Please don’t go to the ACLU! I’ll take sensitivity classes!


Guess that is how Orc players felt during the Darksong story :slight_smile:

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You try changing an immortal dragon’s mind! I certainly don’t care to, especially a red dragon…

I also wasn’t too happy when Dimetraxia said that humans can be crueler than daemons, and then implied that I was human! The nerve!

Apparently she thinks all heroes look the same or something. :family: = :bust_in_silhouette: