It's time for a mea culpa

The last few months have been many things here on the forums but for my part, they have have been vocal, often heated, and sometimes a flogging of horses long dead.

Much like in life, it’s possible to be happy with where you are and still regret some of the things you did to get there. I’ve done my best to be less negative in recent weeks and I honestly now feel like I have little reason to be.

After playing 3.0 for a few hours now, I feel like this is the best the game has played in a LONG time. Matches have weight and in-match momentum even. Yeah, they take a little longer but they actually have a chess-like feel where stopping to contemplate moves has purpose.

This is big win for the community and a huge accomplishment for the Devs. Thank you @Sirrian, @Nimhain, @Saltypatra and the rest of the crew for making this game so great. 3.0 is IMHO a success before GW even starts.


I’m sorry. But I’m not sorry. :smiley:


Yeah, no offense to the OP, but this isn’t an apology letter, it’s a victory lap. Saying you’re sorry implies you are looking to change your ways; in this case it reads as, “See what all my vocal feedback accomplished!” And this is fine, being vocal and influential is actually a good thing, but I personally could do without the window dressing in the thank-you letter.


Hehe. It’s one of those ends justifying means things. :slight_smile:

I already have changed my ways, I made that pledge to several people a few weeks ago. But yah, thanks for being a buzzkill.

In the nicest possible way, we doubt that will last :smiley:


You’re entitled…

To be wrong. :wink:

There I edited the original post to make it more sappy and less asshole-ish. It wasn’t intended to be victory lap at all and I don’t want people to think that.

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I agree with you htismaqe. Now bone dragon has been taken down a peg the game is far less frustrating. I have seen a greater diversity of opponent troops than I can ever remember, although I also give a lot of credit to the event system for making opponents more interesting.

The new storm mechanic looks really fun, as does dispel. I know I’ll enjoy Guild Wars too.

Some of the troop changes are also great and have made previously useless troops contenders once more. Carnex and Gloom Leaf are the most notable for me, but Dracos and War are a close second. Even Tankbot - who I have literally never used - is now useful enough that I’ll bear him in mind for future teams.

It’s a win so far!

I’ve been missing a lot of things in the forums those days, but it’s nice to see that the update “lifted your spirit”.:+1:


My spirits started lifting when the Bone Dragon nerf was announced. This is a whole different deal. I’m not sure how to even explain it other than the game feels more balanced than I can really ever remember. Like I said, GW hasn’t even started and I consider 3.0 to be a home run. It is truly awesome and I want to make sure the Devs know it.