Well now I just feel like a bully




That reward though. :toilet: :hankey: :hotsprings:


Did you beat him? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I didn’t fight, I had to leave for work. :smirk:


What kind of wuss excuse is that?


Obviously the kind that people afraid of being overthrown by someone a tenth their level would give.

dhjl must’ve been shaking at the thought because there would be no other way someone that low a level would appear unless they were a prodigy in the making. No king wishes to shown up by some unknown “peasant”. Truly an underdog story that will last throughout the ages!

:crown: :boom: :mortar_board:


B-But it’s the truth… :cry:


@dhjl asked the peasant to lead him to the knight of that land, and instead the peasant, seeing he was claiming to be max level, argued with him and ran him off. “Well I didn’t vote for you!” “Help help! I’m being repressed!”