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Welcome to OUR Nightmare

from a reply above… :wink:

it’s in the nature of a straight male, I can’t help myself… :yum:
but not focusing, just noticing what I consider a flaw in otherwise nice artwork…

sadly, some (even older) designs are looking like there were a nice art done, then there came some decision-maker along and said to the artist “nope, we need longer claws [Scylla] / more spikes [Frost Lizard] / weird horns [Possessed King] / some head-attachements [Glitterclaw], or GTFO”…

apparently, it does not matter, that they look just stupid, or that you can clearly see, they don’t fit to the rest of the artwork (like on the Frost Lizard)…
it is that, what i called stupidity in the initial post…

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I dunno, I find most of the troop artwork to be really neat, personally :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Personally, I like how this monstrosity is designed. For me looks like a centaur infected by the Thing.


I happen to like women myself but I guess I’m more of a face guy and less of a boob guy. :joy:

I meant it more like “so what if she actually has uneven boobs (she’s still lovely)” - I saw that first mention of said possible unevenness, that’s why I mentioned it. Should have worded it differently.


yup, me as well… what bugs me, are some details on them…

yeah, faces are important too… :yum:

yes, she is… the more, that i seem to have a sweet spot for redheads… probably due to my wife… :thinking:

I can’t say I’m completely free from that.

Look at Shahbanu. She looks great, right? But something about her arms bothers me… :sweat_smile:


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There’s something about the seer I like, not sure, maybe it’s the flower… Yeah, it has to be the flower…

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Her neck is weirdly out of proportion. Can’t unsee.

Concentrate on the flower

she got an ass as big as a hippo too. :slight_smile:

Leave her alone :cry:

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naha mohohohahahahaha!

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I like Arachnaean Weaver’s art… When it can actually be found in event chests.

(Every rant should be about that until the devs actually compensate.)

Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult to get con artists to care about art if they are too busy swindling folks out of resources.