Scary evil spider .... Open at your own risk!



Told you :yum:

bug report ??? Lol


Are you sure that’s a spider?

Looks more like a fat fluffy bug :thinking:



I prefer this one. It reminds me of the skulls from GoW. :blue_heart:


My favorite. Who said God had no fun creating some of the creatures. :sweat_smile:


Yes its a spider :kissing_heart:




WHY this is frightening

I feel like i asked for this but saying the first one wasn’t scary :frowning:


I want you and your awesome crew to create a new little fey(Wisps brother) that is why I posted the little green spider, to give you some nice ideas.


I love cute spiders so so much!


Lucky you, most of them is cute! :wink:


Jumping spiders are cute, when i was a kid i used to feed them with captured flies.

We have small grey ones in my hometown:


Check that ass! :wink:



Is anyone else aware of the Peppa Pig episode that’s banned in Australia because it teaches kids that spiders can be friends? And spiders in Australia are not friends, not at all.



One of my friends loves spiders. I simply can’t stand them.


Don’t you have the Golden Orb spider in Australia that is really huge?