War against invertebrates?

@Razzagor i am curious. Care to explain?

I make these stupid jokes that amuses me and a very few people around here. My current gag since Halloween is that now i’m an undead gnoll¹, to be more specific a skeleton of a gnoll still wearing its furcoat, like in my avatar.

So i just use this to post funny pictures and “spooky memes” and to spout some nonsense given the right conditions. And by being an skeleton i’m in war against these abominable creatures. There is also another joke about the Skeleton Liberation or revolution, but since it implies in mudering every living being to break the fleshy/meaty cages where they are confined i don’t tend to use it too much.

It’s just some silly fun, it can be easily ignored most of the time.

¹ I like Gnolls, playing tabletop RPG’s with friends i always liked to play with gnolls given the chance. I enjoy the “Noble Savage” archetype. I started playing Gems of War because of the art of Wildfang the Gnoll. (I’ll usually complain in some posts about the lack of reworks for Wildplains/Gnolls since they are very bad in the game.)

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Lol. So a super kind of inside joke. Since i have no quarrel with either side i think i will stay neutral in your war, but i wish you well!

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Pretty much, sometimes i have too much free time and vacant space on my head…

That’s ok i’ll contact you again when you find yourself in a less “fleshy” state of body and mind so you might have a different stance by then…

Lol deal. (Must be 10 characters)

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Razza, I am one of your spies against the meatbags. Please send 10 gallons of milk for I fear my cover has been blown and I believe I will be on the run for some time. The fleshlings plan to attack at dawn on the 2nd of April when our guards are down from the cessation of the pranking on the 1st.

P.S. Use the secondary safehouse for the dead-drop, the primary safehouse has been compromised.


Affirmative. I will send another agent undercover bringing the package to rendezvous with you.