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Weird Ideas: Global Power Rating

With two new troops each week I find my kingdoms more rapidly joining the elusive five star club than expected. Which is kind of worrying, those rewards were a pretty big carrot to aim for, now the hunt is almost over. I’d like to see some new carrots on the radar, possibly cultivated in such a way that additional ones could easily be planted to accommodate for a growing world. My proposal would be to add a global power rating, as the sum of all kingdom power ratings.

So, what’s the carrot part about that global power rating? There should be rewards attached on reaching certain break points. Those rewards could either boost the daily bonus by granting additional resources (e.g. maps, glory keys, gems) or they could trigger one-time unlocks (e.g. a soul boost at early break points, event weapons, extra portraits and special “easter egg” troops not obtainable otherwise at later break points). I’m hesistant to propose any numbers here, this would obviously have to be balanced carefully as not to break the economy.

Just as the maximum possible global power rating keeps growing as the game grows, the reward bar could keep growing too. It’s always possible to add another carrot to the end, e.g. for reaching another 250 global power rating points. The interesting part about hunting those rewards is that they are tied to your total progression, meaning there’s an incentive to trait/level troops of a kingdom even if that doesn’t increase your star rating.

For the curious ones among us, I’d like to see that global power rating added to the character screen, similar to the total number of troops. Bonus hugs for also making it part of the progress tab when viewing the list of guild members.

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Love this idea! Would be super interested to see where players currently place on the board!

One issue with a global rating is that when they add a kingdom your global rating would go up a LOT. There are 23 currently (not counting primal and apoc), so you could see setting a big reward at 232600 = 59,800 points, since that is all kingdoms at 5. But adding another kingdom would let someone gain 1600 points trivially (8 troops at level 15), so that end game goal gets much easier to reach. Not saying it’s a bad idea, I like it, just need to keep future growth in mind.

I could see them adding another star to each kingdom. At 2900 you get a mithril star, maybe it boosts the kingdom’s banner? So Adana’s banner goes from +1 red/+1 yellow to +2 red/+1 yellow. Or increases the strength of bonus for using 3+ troops from the kingdom, making King of Gears go from +6 armor / +2 atk to +7 armor / +3 atk.

That actually feels quite okay to me. The important part would be not to make the rewards feel “end game” (e.g. “all your troops now automatically come at max level”), they should rather be a nice extra (e.g. “Staff of Madness now available in your weapon pool”). Sure, rewards located at a lower point will be more easy to reach in future. Seems fair towards newer players, considering the amount of catch-up work they have to do.