Weekly weapon for sale 4.99

Rather than only be able to get a random weapon from the weekly event at 4.99, would it be possible to implement some kind of drop down in order to be able to select one of the weapon available from the weekly kingdom? For example this week is Dhrak-zum’s week and this kingdom has 8 weapons, but we can only buy the Deamon’s Leash. I’ve missed the doomed blade weapon in the first tower of doom and it would have been nice to be able to get it again. Having a system in place to be able to select any weapons (older weapons at least) of that kingdom in the week event shop at 4.99 rather than just one would be a very good improvement. With all the weapons coming out, it is nearly impossible to get older weapons.

Thank you.

And of course Daemon’s Leash is the only one I am missing. But it is too useless to actually spend money on. Waiting on Soulforge update…

Will they ever update the forge so that we can craft older weapon though? Is it planned?

Weapons should have both a cash shop option and a crafting option, imo. Making them cash shop only is a straight-up paywall, and considering one of the major selling points of this game is that there are no paywalls…just like everything else, let people earn it with time or money.

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