Ghulvania week/event, but no Chain Flail in the Soulforge?

Howcome? I just don’t get it. And extremely annoyed about this.

It’s in the shop, for $$$.

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Like every other kingdom, one weapon is only available from shop


As it should eas my pain, but it doesnt, $5 for a weapon I will never use…


Translation: We would rather annoy & aggravate players who were not playing the game 5 or 6 YEARS ago than lose out on a 5 dollar offer for a weapon that is basically useless in game.


most of these weapons are purple, one is common.

so they charging 5$ for a purple weapon, one of the worst weapon types out there.

i think i can wait to pl up ghulvania until a new weapon comes out.

turns out i am missing 27 purple weapons. plus that one common.
now i know why.

and knowing is half the battle.

Did you get it in the end @Eika? $$$

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Nah, I upgraded a Doom weapon instead for the Requirement.