Clarification Regarding Craftable Weapons (including a list of those excluded from the forge)

If a weapon has been purchasable in the past in a 4.99 weapon bundle, you won’t be able to craft it with free resources. These 4.99 weapons will be available in the shop again when their corresponding kingdom has an event. These weapons will not be added to the Soulforge for crafting with free resources.

For transparency, here is a list of these weapons:

  • Goblin Crusher (Broken Spire)
  • Wrenchmaster 5000 (Adana)
  • Fey Wand (Bright Forest)
  • Crescendo (Pan’s Vale)
  • Boom-Boom (Zaejin)
  • Sun Chakram (Pridelands)
  • Order and Chaos (Swords Edge)
  • Chain Flail (Ghulvania)
  • Crimson Insignia (Maugrim Woods) - This one was also a special giveaway at PAX Aus 2015
  • Sun and Moon (Silverglade)
  • Bear Totem (Urskaya)
  • Nature’s Wrath (Glacial Peaks)
  • Deepstone (Khaziel)
  • Frostreaver (Stormheim)
  • Celestial Staff (Whitehelm)
  • Yasmine’s Chalice (Forest of Thorns)
  • Kris Knife (Mist of Scales)
  • Staff of Madness (Karakoth)
  • Skull Cleaver (Grosh-Nak)
  • Prey Seeker (Dragon’s Claw)
  • Chaos Blade (Blighted Lands)
  • Soultrap (Darkstone)
  • Farsight Orb (Suncrest)
  • Sands of Time (Drifting Sands)
  • Merchant’s Blade (Leonis Empire)
  • Skullblade (Blackhawk)
  • Bullroarer (Wild Plains)
  • Eternal FLame (Divinion Fields)
  • Spider’s Kiss (Zhul’Kari)
  • Festival Staff (Shen Tang)
  • Daemon’s Leash (Dhrak Zum)
  • Undine’s Trident (Merlantis)
  • Tome of Sin (Sin of Maraj)
    (And before anyone asks, Merchant’s Blade will be available for crafting during a Leonis Empire event.)

These weapons have always been available with their associated kingdoms. What we have done is introduce ways to get previously unavailable weapons, such as those found in the higher tiers of event shops and special event weapons (for example Eggplosion). To be specific, you will be able to craft weapons associated with invasions, raid bosses, and tower of doom events, as well as a few others.

Weapons that can be obtained through mastery or completing a quest line will not be included in the Soul Forge. However, there is one such weapon available this week, War & Peace, that is available. This is because we will be removing War & Peace from its quest line due to some changes we will be making to said quest line. It is an exception to this rule, and should be seen as such.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion surrounding the changes we implemented to make old weapons available in game again. Now all of our weapons will be available in game, where in the past they were not.

Please be aware that we never intended to make weapons that were purchasable in the 4.99 packs available for free, or with crafting resources. These weapons were all once available for glory, and after that week were not offered for glory again.


This is a useful bit of info. Now it’s somewhat clearer why Sirrian personally signed off on W&P’s appearance in the Soul Forge.

Edit: also, newbies better hurry up and finish Adana and Khaziel while this weapon is still available!


So hold on, Merchant’s Blade will be available for crafting during its kingdom’s event, but none of the others on that list will?

I just want one Daemon’s Leash.


I thought we were going to get the chance, over time, to craft missing weapons using in-game resources - It sounded really great

However if I understand this post correctly, of the 24 un-owned weapons I would like to get to complete my collection - only 3 will be craftable and the remaining 21 are on the list so will only be available for $ when the weekly kingdom event rolls around.

While I am happy to wait for the appropriate kingdom event to roll around, I don’t think I can justify spending AUD$146.79 (21x$6.99) or US$104.79 to collect a bunch of weapons for competitionist reasons…

Am I missing something?

Any chance a “weapons pack” would be available for collectors?


There’s no such weapon for Khetar ?
Or you forget to include it in the list ?
Whitering Touch, maybe ?

I don’t think anyone cares. It’s a useless weapon.

Withering Touch has not been for sale, so it should be craftable when Khetar week rolls around.

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Rah :woozy_face: that list is looooooooooooooog. :ok_hand: :facepunch: for the transparency Respect :v:


This whole thing ended up being pathetic, and no where near what we were led to believe.


Ok I’m not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer but what exactly does this mean for Earth’s Fury?


All Weapons that were Event related like Rope Dart, Earth’s Fury, Ysmine’s Pride or Divine Protector are going to be craftable in the Soulforge once the proper Kingdom has it’s Weekly-Event.


Ok this explains why War and peace was in there

My thoughts on all of this:

These weapons were all released as glory weapons (besides 1 from PAX as a DLC reward style thing) and then later released in the cash shop due to not being released in the game again. Then OP weapons were released, such as Earths Fury and Rope Dart. These fell under the same situation, and as newer players came in and the weapons became current meta in different modes, EF is used in almost every Raid and Invasion event still for example, newer players fell behind and were unable to compete. As such, older players and newer players alike complained on the forums, streams, in game, basically everywhere they could, lots and loudly, to get the old weapons added to the game again in some form. Those that spend cash wanted it in the cash shop as other weapons were there so it was a system in place with the ability to add them to it. Others wanted them back in Glory like days of old. Others didnt know what they wanted, just wanted the weapons in the game again.

The reason that weapons were added for cash, was to drive up sales, and make previously locked content obtainable again. Which is fine, no one is disputing that really. Extras were thrown in to make the weapon more enticing to players to get them to buy it, so they got keys, ingots, etc etc. all with the weapon. As the game has grown, so has what was offered. Before weapon talents, no ingots were offered, now they are. Does this mean that everyone who bought a weapon before the patch is missing out as they didnt have the ingots included?? No it means they got what was offered at the time, were happy to purchase it, and get something they wanted.

These weapons should be available in the soulforge, the same as all of the others, all 220 others (currently), because the game is changing and evolving. Game content is basically being locked behind a paywall, as it is punishing newer players who were not here for years playing the game unless they can spend money. Not everyone is able to do this, and all content should be available, IMO, for in game currency. The reason to buy a weapon with real cash is to have it faster, be able to use it earlier and more often and help develop teams with it. If there really is a complaint about having bought it previously for cash and it now being offered for in game currency once again, as 32 of the 33 weapons listed were once offered for in game currency, then send out some bonus rewards as if they would of came with the pack, like a few extra keys or a VIP key or something. Nothing to break the economy, but something to say, if needed, hey we added this weapon we sold you 2 years ago back into the game to purchase in game.

Having things like Armor, Rings etc that give bonuses to rewards are fine to have as pay only options.
Having things that effect game play, eg troops and weapons, should not be locked behind a pay only option. What if a new troop comes out that works perfect with 1 of these weapons and becomes the new meta?? Is it then going to be set to well sorry, you werent here when we released this weapon 3 years ago, so now you have to pay cash to get it or not be up to the same standard as everyone else.

I highly disagree with the choice of fully locking weapons behind a paywall. I dont think it is fair to everyone else in the game that is unable to spend cash on games. Buying the weapons for cash should be a limited time thing so they get it early and get other rewards, not so that they get the weapon and everyone else misses out.

Sorry for the rambling, hope it makes sense as well. Just disappointed that this is the route that was decided to be taken and figured id toss in my few cents.


What if the weapons became available for purchase on the first kingdom rotation and then were available for a “high” in game currency cost next time around and then for “average” in game currency on the third lap around the kingdoms

Perhaps being available for $ as flash offers randomly along the way so the buy it now and not have to wait remained an option

My Suggestion would be to create “Weapon-Tokens”

You can then trade those Tokens in for a Weapon you like. In a “Weapon Shop” or “Weekly Shop”.
You can then either “buy” a Weapon for ~5$ or “trade” 5 Tokens for it.

You’ll get 1 Token for ea 5$ worth spending. So if you buy the Deathknight Armor for 50$ you’ll get 10 Tokens. You can also buy Tokens directly for a discount. e.g. 10 Tokens for 5$.
(Believe me… it’ll work. Amazon Coins is doing pretty much the same thing and it works.)

Then you could get e.g. 1 Token per Week for Glory/Gems. Which means you’ll be able to buy 1 Weapon every 5 Weeks, which leads to almost 2 years for all “exclusive” Waepons.
(Or you buy Tokens to speed it up^^)

I think this is a pretty fair solution for most players would probably be happy with.
Who knows… maybe those Tokens can fulfill multiple other roles as well, but for now, Weapons :3

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About unowned weapons:
Too bad that you can’t access weapon upgrades in the Weapon Upgrade Tree to see what kind of upgrades it possesses before you actually claim it.

! - Important

Only worthy weapons to get: (Value: $15)

  • Staff of Madness (Karakoth) !
  • Eternal Flame
  • Festival Staff
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Actually not one of the weapons on that list is worth one dollar, let alone five. In any currency.

They’re just collectors items that we don’t have all of.

If it was a case of it being the last thing ever, I might chip in one single dollar. Of course, I used to have all troops at mythic and where are we now with stupid event troops clogging up the game, certainly haven’t ascended all of those yet. So there’ll be some other weapon that I either miss or simply can’t get. So no dollar.


The issue still stands. In order to get all Kingdoms to 20 Stars, you’ll need to spend quite a lot of money. You could say that this requirement will be only accessible to ‘P2W’ people.

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Could you please also clarify what happens if you decide to make any of the weapons currently not on the excluded list available for sale in a shop bundle, e.,g. due to popular demand? Reading the above very carefully, would it be correct to assume this would cause such a weapon to get permanently locked behind your paywall?

You can see all upgrades on Gowdb
for example