Merchant's Blade not available for crafting

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting Merchant’s Blade to show up for crafting, as promised here. It currently seems to be missing, likely due to a configuration error.

Steps to make it happen again
Wait for a Leonis Empire kingdom event, attempt to craft Merchant’s Blade.

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If a weapon has been purchasable in the past in a 4.99 weapon bundle, you won’t be able to craft it with free resources. These 4.99 weapons will be available in the shop again when their corresponding kingdom has an event. These weapons will not be added to the Soulforge for crafting with free resources.

As stated from you’re link

And yes, i do realise that Merchant’s Blade is especially noted at the bottom of the weapons list, but i’m not completely suprised that i isn’t in forge right now simply because they changed their minds (or have forgotten it).

IMPO I tend to lean towards the very strict first statement dev’s make in this general cases, wich is “not available in forge”.

Further down they specifically state that Merchant’s Blade is excluded from the general case and will be available for crafting during the Leonis Empire kingdom event. It’s a bit like “no parking here except on Sundays”, you wouldn’t specifically add the exception if you only wanted the general rule to apply.

You’re very right on that part, but i find the dev’s everything but conclusive on this paticular point, since the weapon in question is still in the list of weapions that won’t be available for crafting… It’s really contradicting itself :frowning:

I guess they just extracted the list from some data files without cleaning it up, tends to happen when copy & pasting things around. Players had repeatedly been asking for Merchant’s Blade, so they made sure to mention that it would be available for crafting.

It’s in the real money shop instead this week, so I doubt this is a configuration error.

It’s not like they real money shop hasn’t been configured incorrectly in the past. I mean, technically they could say “yeah, we left a cleverly hidden loophole in, whenever we want to permanently banish a weapon from crafting we’ll just make a special cash offer for it, look forward to seeing Rope Dart next week for $25, muhahahaha”. But, quoting @Sirrian, “we are not *that* kind of game”, so I’m still believing this was unintentional, especially since Merchant’s Blade for crafting was a very clear promise.

Ignore what they say for a moment and look at what they sell. Actions speak louder than words.

They weren’t “that kind of game”, but sure are now.

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