Leonis Empire has come! Where's the Merchant's Blade?!




Sounds like we need a “clarification” of this clarification.


I’ll explain it.

So, not that it matters that much, but many people really wanted to get the Merchant’s Blade weapon, that’s why it was explicitly mentioned by @Saltypatra (The Saltiest Girl) that it will become available during the Leonis Kingdom Event.

I don’t have it either, so I expected to claim it today.
To my surprise, however, I have only one Flash Offer offer available (Shooting Star), and only one available weapon in the Soulforge, the one that’s already been crafted - Golden Sun.

My question is simple. Why are there not both weapons available in the Soulforge?
The Golden Sun, and the Merchant’s Blade?

Why not having both weapons that come from the same Kingdom available at once?

For me it’s not in the flash offers, it’s in the Weekly Event tab of the shop. PS4. What’s so special about this weapon?

Well, I should rephrase myself to avoid causing any confusion.
The weapon is available for $5, that’s true, but I thought that it will be available in the Soulforge instead, for crafting.

It was specifically said that it will be available for crafting.

Opened a bug report.


To be fair merchant blade is aswell in the list of weapons that will NOT appear in soulforge in the exact same “clarification” post linked.

Defo a not so clear clarification hehe.

It allows newer players a somewhat decent option to farm resources. It also doesn’t have any drawback when upgrading, so it’s good for kingdom power level requirements.

Very obviously just a copy & paste error when they pulled the list from the data files, otherwise they wouldn’t specifically have mentioned Merchant’s Blade to be available.

It’s in weekly shop for me.

Salty addressed this on the stream. There was a misunderstanding, and she was mistaken. The weapon won’t be available for crafting. She mentioned making an official post or announcement about it, so we’ll probably see that soon.

Hi hello here is the official announcement! I made a mistake due to a misunderstanding, as Merchant’s Blade was also given out in exclusive codes during a past event. (Like, a real live in person past event!)

So that is completely on me, and I apologise.

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I don’t really understand (the link between being given out in an exclusive(?) code and not being craftable), but I get that misunderstandings happen :+1::slightly_smiling_face:. Ty.

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So, now that we’ve had the first high impact extension to the list of restrictions of weapons originally announced to all be available for crafting, any word on the correctness of the rest of list? Do we have to expect that further mistakes will be discovered every other month or has this now been double-checked to be complete?

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I want to restate I still think it’s garbage there is a list of “will always be money” weapons at all. But have fun making increasingly convoluted excuses for why weapons can’t be obtained by an F2P player.

“Oh, well, this weapon was forged by a dwarf and his sister’s uncle’s father’s nephew’s second cousin is a mythic.”


Apology accepted, but there’s still one thing that’s bothering me. This game is meant to be F2P, but now we know that some of those listed weapons will never be available in any other form, like crafting, Glory pack, etc. F2P means that you need to play or grind to get or achieve a certain result or goal.
There’s no such thing here. Still, maybe be more like P2G - Pay to Get, but many will view this as P2W.

Sadly, this somehow wreaks of P2W definition, because the weapon can only be obtained by financial means and not otherwise anymore. This includes the players who have been robbed of the opportunity to get them or by new players, who missed that window a long time ago.

Why can’t you offer such weapons for Gems or Money instead, to have both options available?
I know that this game needs money, but limiting those weapons only by cash, sends a wrong message.
Those, who can support you or are willing to do it, will pay with their real money.
However, those who can’t or don’t want to, can still buy it with Gems.


I’m actually very curious how they’ll handle the next Whitehelm event, that’s a train wreck already set in motion. The interesting part is that, no matter where they divert to train to, it will result in a huge amount of collateral damage. I guess the best approach would be to stop the train as soon as possible, I suspect the preferred approach will be a complete absence for at least a week after the impact.


What’s so special about Whitehelm Kingdom and why it could cause issues?
I remember getting the Divine Protector for $5 over a year ago.

Contradicting announcements.

1.) “All Raid/Invasion weapons will definitely be available for crafting in the Soulforge”. Note that Divine Protector doesn’t show up in the excluded list.
2.) “We couldn’t possibly ever disappoint players who paid for a weapon by making it available for crafting”. Note that Divine Protector was in the shop for $5.

This has already been pointed out before, to which the response was silence. They could use the opportunity given and say “yeah, we double-checked the list for further mistakes, these weapons here will also not be available for crafting”. I guess they prefer to withhold bad news as long as possible, then let whoever pulls the shortest straw announce a “bug fix” or “mistake” they only learned about right now.


As asked in the original thread.

Also, what is the fate of the weapons removed from the Soul Forge (e.g., the elemental staves and swords,) when the new weapon cycle was introduced?