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Thanks for the troop buffs! I hope we will see more of those in the near future.

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I seen the name of the thread and was like :open_mouth: 4.9 is dropping now?!

But no :frowning:

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While every buff helps, Spinnerette’s damage should be changed from magic/2 +7 to magic + 7 (or even reverted to magic + 5).

The +2 base damage does help when you first get the troop, but wouldn’t it feel depressing when you’re a low level with very limited souls and you finally level up Spinnerette to where it gains another magic point or two and its damage doesn’t go up? It leaves a better lasting impression when a troop’s power actually visually grows.

If you’re worried about power balance of magic vs magic/2, Atlanta, Venbarak, Terraxis (some examples) all have regular magic + x damage and are easily obtainable quickly by playing the game (quest line/ kingdom upgrades). Spinnerette becomes a disappointing purchase very quickly at that point and might become the first thing they remember about Gems of War.


Maybe False Lashes?


Making all the magic/2 troops straight +magic wouldn’t unbalance the game and would make some useless troops somewhat viable again. Flame cannon is only ultra-rare and is full +magic.

3+ hours later.
When are you going to reveal a surprise? :thinking:

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The surprise is that there is no surprise. Gotcha!

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tenor - 2020-04-19T232851.002
By the way… Patch 4.9 releases 24 days from now.


I have to say I have to go and check what Ser Cy and Spinnerete do, since they was never useful as far as I know. Maybe when they was first release I guess

They used to match up with the Tower of Doom Kingdom that week. Like every other weapon for the week that I can remember.

My thoughts are no one bothered to update the placeholder data for the latest doomed weapons @Kafka.

Nvm doomed sledge is from khaziel. Guess taran wasnt updated correctly

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Two troop buffs was a nice surprise for many of us!

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yo so y is war n piece in the soulforge?

Edit: for context:

“Overpromise and underdeliver” hasn’t been a surprise for 2 years.


Btw I got a surprise today, I realized I got twice more prizes by some Guild tasks (1010 Gold keys instead of 515, twice more Glory keys and jewels too, and maybe other stuffs) ! Am I the only one to get that ?

I checked before I tagged a dev. Both weapons said Broken Spire at the time. I’m 98% sure… But yeah Sledge now says Khaziel.
Tarans info is always the games info. So if his stuff changes, then the game changed as well.

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“Surprise Mechanics”

Some good stuff this week. Doomed Sledge is going to see some use, though it has more competition with the brown weapons than Doomed Gavel did with yellow. Lasher looks like a really solid first slot troop, with a fantastic set of traits for an ultra rare, and some decent scaling damage when paired with Dervish class.

Surprise - meaning, it works as intended; day 1? (Haven’t tried, so I’m assuming)

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Just standard procedure, IP2 isn’t happy until we are not happy. I’ll open a bug report, after all the clarification that was issued the last time it happened said it was an exception that wouldn’t happen again.

Here we go: War and Peace in Soulforge

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