Weekly troops stat boosts need a cap

Since players are capped at a level 20 worth of stay boosts so should the AI.

You’ve made Faction Assaults 20% more difficult/grindy to complete. Which is the exact opposite of what players have asked for years to do. And the slither of stat boosts you’ve given to players (even less this week due to a campaign bug) doesn’t offset a level 500 troop getting 20% stat boosts.

Maybe my complaint is more due to Umbra Nexus troops being the weakest FA troops released in a while (possibly ever). Which hurts the side capped at level 20, not level 500. And the delve it’s self requiring the following progression to complete it in the shortest run; Boss room, second hardest level fights, highest level fights difficulty, and boss room.

Essentially it boils down to this. Video games are supposed to be fun. There’s NOTHING fun about this weekend’s Faction Assault. And though I’m a vocal minority. Considering the waves of players exodusing the game. I’m becoming less and less a small minority. So perhaps time should be spent on making the game fun and not just ways to bleed it dry of money.

With all that said, the rarity that devs even use the forums let a lone listen to feedback these days is at all time low. I know this is basically like putting a message in a bottle. I know none of the devs play the game anymore. So they are totally ignorant of the dominoe effect caused by boosting troops during their Faction Assault week. Therefore I had to at least try to educate you… Even if none of the devs choose to listen.


Factions have always been the least enjoyable game mode. They’re just keeping consistent. They don’t actually care what the player base does or does not enjoy.

They want you to upgrade the hoards to level 1000 and win the delves. Also spend more gems to buy more tier 7s. I’m assuming at some tier 7 level, a unique ability activates and the game gives the ability to overcome pure faction restriction. Now I’m just blabbering. This faction is just ridiculous. I did a Pf300 for the pet bonus to help at pf500. No use.

I found this faction to be fairly easy tbh.

With potions, that is. Without probably not so much but then there will be no stats bonus anymore.

Did it take 20% more time than other new Faction Assaults prior to the change in scheduling?
And if given the chance to gain 20% of your personal time back would you opt for it?

Difficulty may be in the eye on the beholder. But time isn’t.

Pure faction Umbral Nexus boss room potionless (as I don’t hold games with potions even worth discussing) - 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay much attention to previous rooms but shouldn’t have taken more than 10 minutes each (including thinking about board and planning, that is).

I’ve seen significantly longer games involving troops without weekly buff.


Now take that one battle times 50.

Now you have essentially my point. Whether it takes 5-10 seconds longer per boss battle. The point is it takes longer when the majority of the community has asked for delves to take less time.

Am I fool for asking that they don’t take more time to do the things that already exist while with every update they take more and more time to keep up?

I know for the hardcore players it’s just another thing. But this isn’t King of the hill. You don’t win anything for being the last players on the server. At least not until Gems of War becomes a battle royale. Might as well be with the shrinking player base.

Why, exactly, would one do that - multiply pure faction 500 potionless boss battle time by 50?

For finishing the delve with potions the 10 or 20 per cent weekly buffs are completely irrelevant; finishing potionless on one’s own time - irrelevant again as, firstly, they won’t be present in most likely case and, secondly, just wait a few days if they are present and you’re afraid.


I’ve had one member of my guild burn out and probably quit the game from this FA. So many bugs affecting the climb and PF fight, as well as general frustration and lack of “fun” in the game when you have to grind out 10 kingdom crowns on top of hours of FA battles… I have a hard time disagreeing.


Irongut takes the same amount of time to devour his way to level 500 regardless of enemy stats :man_shrugging:

I agree with the basic premise that faction assaults shouldn’t be tied to the weekly kingdom, though. That was a change to the game that was strictly unfriendly to the playerbase even if not for the “time it takes” argument.


I never said pure faction run. 50 is the amount of boss rooms required to complete any faction.

So your solution for the delve taking longer is to negate the things that speed it up and wait until the 20% isn’t there?

Hey I’m happy to hear it’s irrelevant to you. But it’s simple math. For most players who don’t get the insta kill options. This delve requires more time than it would if the boss rooms weren’t buffed by 20%. How is this even arguable?

@Magnusimus and for the players who don’t have Irongut or Zuulgoth? F them right. Not your problem, nothing needs to be changed to help them.

Am I the only one on the forums in a guild where I see newer players comments or ones that have been around long enough but just not lucky enough to get the troops required to complete delves quickly?

I’ll be sure to clarify in the future and ask the devs not to change anything that could help keep players around or encourage play. Because the 10% of end gamers who are left, don’t have an issue with changes made.

My apologies gentleman for daring to make such a request.

Irongut is shorthand for “scaling”

Mang works just as well regardless of enemy stats, etc…


Takes the armor away. What about the 20% extra to life?

The 20% more added to your attack, proportionally speaking, compensates completely :man_shrugging:

All I’m saying is 20% higher stats sucks (agreed) but doesn’t mean “20% more time” (disagreed) because that assumes 20% more moves or casts or whatever required (and with Mang or Irongut or Shabanu or Rowanne it simply doesn’t, as a wipe is a wipe is a wipe, an instakill is an instakill is an instakill, etc…) to win.


These forums do have a habit of falling into nitpicking. I think most people would agree, regardless of specific details on how long things take, that pure faction runs are generally very hard, frequently extremely frustrating, and don’t need a stat boost from weekly bonus. Sure, end gamers can just buy a bunch more power potions but others don’t have that luxury. PF and GW burn out more players than any other mode.

On a similar vein, I’d love it if the devs stopped trying to make delves even more random. Random favours the AI and makes it less fun. Gems randomly spawning at the start of the turn, campaign gems, troops with a random chance to slay etc


Actually might need to add the mind numbing kingdom pass to GW and PF as major sources of burnout



I lost once during pf 300 because of the bug and me being a tiny fraction too fast - but that hasn’t got anything to do with any buffs, that’s a whole other can of worms.

I took the short path to the boss room and won pf 500 right away.

To clear the whole thing I used Zuul and Irongut who both don’t care about any enemy extra stats.

Didn’t feel like it took any longer.

But if course it’s subjective how easy or difficult someone finds something - at least partly.

I’m with you on that one. But that’s a general flaw in faction assault and delves design, not so much the buff to troops for this week.

ETA: Of course it’s also a factor but the 20% aren’t the main issue.

And no one is saying that there don’t need to be any changes.