PvP Event System Feedback

What are the players thoughts on the event system that provides a 25%, or 50%, boost to certain troops each week?

I am admittedly seeing less of the old meta teams but they are instead replaced by Mega versions of Mab, Khorvash, Famine etc. It is multiple times more frustrating; I feel PvP has never been less enjoyable personally.

Yes OP troops are more OP. And not-so-useful troops are still useless…
One solution is to blacklist these OP troops.

I hope that devs change their mind and the Event bonus is not applied during GW… else it’s going to be horrible…


If you can’t beat um join um, it really is the only way sometimes. I don’t mind the 25 and 50% bonus to troops though personally.


I think people are very fixated on this week b/c of Bombots but otherwise it hasn’t been that bad. The main issue I see is that it usually results in people putting up mediocre defenses to give easy snotstones.


Mab has a 50% boost this week on console. I can imagine how dull a bombot boost would be. You can counter them, by joining them, which then becones a nuclear arms race.

I really think it needs to be redesigned - unless the goal is to slow players down as much as it to improve variety.

I agree with this.

This week is really bad with the Bombots but this is really the first time it has been like this.

My biggest problem is that I want to field a 4 x Brown team to help out the community but the only way to avoid seeing the same team (Deep Borer / 2 x Bombots / Black Manacles) over and over and over again is to set a 1-troop defense.

I disagree. Last week had similar absurdities with Satyr musicians, ~80 damage + double silence for a pity of manacost is just as dumb as Bombots.
We were just lucky the community didn’t catch up to it and abuse it the same they do this week with Bombots, but teams of 2-3 Satyr Musicians and a manafeeder were the least fun i had in a while and if these would have been as common as Bombots are this week, i would have enjoyed last week even less than this one, at least i get to play my troops against Bombots.
25% is fine, but 50% is just too much of a bonus, it will allways run the danger of creating some absurd monstrosity and as soon as the community catches up to it, pvp becomes a bore fest.


I much prefer a shifting weekly meta for variety. Before Events was implemented the meta would be exactly the same for MONTHS and MONTHS at a time. I do NOT want to return to that.

As long as the developers take notice of the communities postings about troops that are completely off the hook (Bone Dragon, etc.). Things will at least have a chance to be fresh every week.


The stale meta before events was due to bad balancing and almighty Bone Dragon being left untouched for way too long.
BD got the nerf and would have naturally seen reduced use in defense teams from it, that has nothing to do with the events.
Sure events shift the meta every week, but with that high of a bonus, events are also prone to make each week even more of a bore fest with the ridiculous amount of stats you have to chew through.


Bone Dragon is not really the point, and not the reason for the state meta before Bone Dragon’s prominence recently. Its an example, obviously I shouldn’t have included it to avoid confusion. I’m talking all the way back to the start of the game. People forget how unchanging to meta was and for how long each stretch would last.

Now at least we see some variety each week.


Bone Dragon has been the meta for at least half a year before the nerf, and he was op long before that even.
I understand your point of view and it is a legit one, personally though i see even less variety this week than i saw in pre-nerf Goddragon days.
Sure it is just a week, but after the first couple of games the welcome novelty of seeing Mechs and Bombots in particular ran its course and the perceived variety became even less than in pre event times. And with potential stacking 50% every week runs the danger of feeling like that.

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We all know the old system needed to change, but if this is the solution then we are pretty much in the same position as before.

Whether you prefer the previous monotony of a stagnant meta, or the current more frustrating, but changing, weekly meta is probably insignificant.


That’s a loaded choice/statement. But I get that you dislike both the old and new. With this current system players sometimes need to modify both their Invade and Defend team more frequently than days past, and change make people uncomfortable.

As to balance. I think the Gems team does fairly good job. They need to respond quicker to obvious OP troops. But I’m sure its a challenge balancing the across the various level of players and against the myriad of abilities, traits, including interaction with other troops.

After all, if big AAA games with hundreds and hundreds of employees, and 100-500 million dollar budgets still hardly ever get game balance completely perfect in a quasi static game environment. How can one expect a small team to do it flawlessly when constantly adding new troops every week and changing the interaction each month with a newly introduced ability (like adding ‘frozen’ or ‘stun’ or ‘x’).

Final note: In one of your posts you talked the meta slowing your play. Obviously I don’t have any metrics but I wonder what the actual average battle time has been month over month for the last few years. Cross referencing with average reward payout per battle or hour of play. I personally believe we see more rewards now than a year ago, and even more rewards than the 1st year before that.

I did not complain about the old system, I preferred to get on with it, and gave the new system a fairly lenghty period of time to evaluate its merits. If this is the long term solution I think it is useful to gather the general player opinion.

I am unable to see how having the games most OP troops with a 50% boost is more enjoyable than what was there previously. Essentially the old meta is no longer present because there is a more annoying team to put up this week.

One good idea that was implemented is the green stones, this encourages players to change their defence team (some weeks) in order to aid other users hunt for those stones… other solutions that do not cause frustration would be ideal.

ps this is not about rewards, we get enough, it is about enjoyment.

Edit: I think the game is well balanced considering the number of cards that are available. Adding 50% to the strongest troops causes imbalance.

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I completely agree, and i am probably not saying that often enough being an overly critical grumpy cat.
It is just that with Bone Dragon they dropped the ball bad.

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Just so you know, the week’s Stones are gotten by killing brown troops in PVP.

Bombots are brown.

So in essence, the Stones made this week WORSE not better.

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Especially when the bombots also have a 50% boost…

Yep. This week was a lot worse than any of the previous as far as PVP being monotonous and frustrating, at least in the Events era.

The event bonuses have good weeks and bad weeks, depending on what ends up becoming the “event meta”. So this week has been a bit more difficult and annoying due to the troops being so overpowered. But that’s just how an average plays out, some weeks will be easy/good, some will be hard/bad. In general, I prefer this to the normal repetitive teams, since it at least means each week has a different set of repetitive teams.


The thing is, no event until this one has had THIS much repetition. I was literally seeing (before switching to 1-troop defense) Deep Borer / 2 x Bombot / Black Manacles for every 2 AND 3 Trophy match.