When scheduling New Faction Assaults

Please only release new Faction Assaults during the 50 weeks a year that the Campaigns are in progress.
We’ve passionately Campaigned for higher stat bonuses to use during pure Faction team runs for years now without spending a million gold or thousands of Gems during the FA. What we’ve received are a bunch of seperate micro stat boosts. Something is better than nothing I guess. Unfortunately, during the next upcoming FA we will be missing the artifacts micro boost. Literally any other event (though preferably not Bounties) can run those 4 weekends without objections. Oh and let’s be safe rather than sorry and include any possibly allegedly planned Arena event weekends to the “avoid scheduling during non-campaign weekends list”.

TL:DR Please only schedule Invasions, Raids, and Vaults during Non-campaign weekends. Or… Just keep the Artifact bonuses running 11 weeks and only have them reset at the start of a new Campaign. That seems like the easiest and simplest solution.


As a separate foot note. Guild Wars running concurrently with Tower of Doom is still a no good, horrible, terrible, very bad idea. Specially with December being a huge travel month. (including this year :crossed_fingers:)