Weekly reset delayed on Xbox One?

Just wondering what’s up with the weekly reset for the Xbox One. I know the PC reset as usual so what’s the deal for consoles?

It would be nice if there were more offical status updates for all versions of this game. It seems like consoles are an after thought in regards to keeping people in the loop…

Hi Truth,

Unfortunately, here at Infinity, we’re the dev team for the Mobile/PC versions only, not the consoles. So we can’t do updates for the console events at the moment, because we don’t always know what’s happening there.

We ARE investigating a way to get it all into one place on the website though, because we’d love to see you console folks be kept up-to-date as well.

At the moment, I believe the Pipeworks team has opened a forum

where I hope their latest news may be available

Thanks for the response and the clarification on who is handling what… as it stands now, it would be awesome if Infinity could oversee the console versions of GOW too - I play PC and Xbox One version, PC is way more polished, smooth, and an overall enriched version of GOW. I am hoping XBOX One GOW will be able to reach the same level as PC but everyday it seems there are more and more bugs, and less fixes… i dunno, i really like the game so i guess i would like to see the game get better sooner than later, lol… only time will tell.

The extra day/delay on the weekly reset is probably because of Barbearius being broken at the start of last week, they refunded everyones Glory and set the Reward back to Tankbot 2000 on the Tuesday after they realised Barbearius crashed the game on activation.

I believe the above may be correct. The time stamp last night mentioned the new event was a day or so away, so the above would make sense.

Also, I understand they are doing a lot of stuff in the BG right now and getting ready for the upcoming update/s, but overall I don’t think it’s been that bad. Not enough to keep me and my family from playing. … And each time I’ve reached out to the folks at @505GamesSupport for anything, they have been very responsive and helpful.