Console Update released in 'early April'

Hi folks,

just thought I’d let you know that according to a forum on Pipeworks website the eagerly-awaited update will not be released until early April.

Check the bottom reply, from the Pipeworks Community.

I hope this settles peoples anticipation! I’ve been waiting day-by-day for this update, but now I’m quite happy, as I can plan ahead.

Take care folks!

I had a guess of about 3 more weeks. A couple more than that isn’t too bad I suppose.

The bigger question I have is; if @505GamesSupport plans on fixing the broken Troops, Tasks and game mechanics.

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We don’t fix the bugs here in support, but there will be a lot of fixes going into the new update, in addition to lots of new content. We’re pretty excited about it, and hope that everyone will enjoy the changes!

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I’m excited for the new features, don’t get me wrong.

If I didn’t like the game (which is how I must come across), I wouldn’t play it. The opposite is true, I love GoW and I haven’t missed a day logging in since I installed it on my PS4.

It’s pretty disappointing we have to wait another month but oh well. You shouldn’t have released the update previews so early. You got everyones hopes up for a quick update.

I know what you mean about hopes being high for a quick update, but at least we can now prepare in advance what we need - I’m gonna save up gems to the point of getting some of that 500 gem armour, and all keys and gold from this point shall be getting saved for the update hitting.
So I have plenty to do up until early April! :slightly_smiling:

Yup, I saved copies of Troops the last month and a half and now I’ll be saving keys.

Though, now there’s an apparent glitch where we are getting 12 Magic keys, so I might just save those and still open some Iron keys. I hear that you cannot pull better than Rare from the Gold keys.

Yeah, what’s going on there?! I logged in yesterday and there was 7 Magic Keys in my inventory! I haven’t received any since. Does anyone know how they’re coming about?

I used some of the magic keys, 3 times I received a goglin rocket, but it is not in my troops.

Assuming the consoles get the same update as the PC/mobile crowd, you cannot pull ultra-rare or higher troops from gold keys.

always the same : no accurate date, so bull$%#@

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They said early April and it’s early March. Did I miss something?

Man so ridiculous how far our versions are behind and how long it takes them.

I don’t know a ton about how console works but I do know one of the reasons is that the build reviews take a lot longer. On Google Play and Steam, there isn’t one at all.

I know this may be a dumb question but would the ability to merge your accounts come to the consoles or would that be too difficult?

I’m assuming that you’re talking about merging accounts on the Xbox One or PS4 with the PC or Mobile versions of Gems of War, right?

Unfortunately, the update slated for early April won’t include that feature. Though the 1.0.85 update headed to consoles will include many of the gameplay features and balance tweaks included in the recently-released 1.0.9 update for the PC and Mobile versions of Gems of War, the two games are still different enough that linking console accounts across platforms is not currently viable.

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@Nex Understandable. I kinda figured but held out a little hope. Looking forward to the update. :slight_smile:

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Do you guys have a more concrete date for the Update?

Not just yet, no.

While we’re still on track for an early April release, the last thing we want to do is nail down a specific date too far ahead of time and get everyone excited for the update, only to have an unexpected technical problem force us to delay the release at the last minute.

As soon as we’re 100 percent certain of the release date, we’ll let you know.


Thank you for the update, on the update, for the update… It just had to be said. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: