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Face book and news announcement

Hey devs someone needs to address all the bad stuff that is being said on Facebook. Most comments are along the lines of WOW PC GETS ANOTHER UPDATE WHILE THE PS4 AND XBOX ARE STILL BROKEN… if i was a player and just read the facebook, i wouldnt want to play.

As such ive been posting that console and pc are by different people but i dont think it is getting through.

@Mr.Strange - thanks for coming to the forums for direct contact!!!

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This seems like a good opportunity to introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Pipeworks Community Specialist Earnest “Nex” Cavalli, and I’m here to help improve communication between the community and the developers working on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gems of War. If you’ve got questions, concerns, or comments, I’m here to help. While I may not be able to answer every question, I can, at the very least, look into any issues people might be having.


Hello kzintiwife! (Love the Dr. Who reference)

Hopefully folks are at least aware of the FAQ we’ve got on the console page:


Feel free to direct people there, if you think it would help.

As i love the batman one.

I have put the links on the last post. maybe we can get the mobil/steam devs to put it as part of their posts in the future. @Nimhain is this something we could do? I would hate for GoW to get a bad rap because of miscommunication stuff, you know?

Wait - what? I’m a huge comics geek, but I’m unaware of any Batman reference I’ve made here. Wouldn’t put it past me to do something unconsciously though.

See and here I was thinking it was a Susanna Clark Reference…

Unexcitingly (or not?) Simon Strange is my 100% legit name. Which does totally put me in the running to be a comic book character.

(In fact, in Issue #20 (v2) of She-Hulk, we discover than the Howard the Duck-universe analog of Dr. Stephen Strange is named “Simon Strange” so my name is already a legit part of the Marvel universe, albeit in a pretty obscure way.)

i was thinking dr strange… but hey :slight_smile: you know… its all a pile - higher and deaper (grins)

That’s Stephen Strange!

We do occasionally pop onto facebook to talk to some of the console players there. Many of them don’t actually come to the website or forums so we do our best. We’ll jump on when we get a chance to.

A good thing would be to actually fix the game for console players. It’s error after error on it and now I can’t even get past the initial loading screen. No wonder we moan. It’s virtually unplayable half the time!

For console-specific issues, please check out the FAQ, which lists all of the known console-specific issues. If you have any problems not listed there, please us the links at the top of the FAQ to report them!


At this exact moment, (and for the past ~2 hours?) the game servers are down for everyone - console, mobile, PC.

There is a major issue when it comes to communication between 505games and the users of the consoles. They have a “ticket” system for every issue or question a player might have. I doubt they are all ever answered. There is a lack of immediate satisfaction of posting in forum a question or comment. For a company to ‘fear’ comments in a forum, or a discussion when it comes to helping players resolve issues and remove their user forums altogether is laughable. 505games promised a game update back in October 2015 regarding daily tasks not rewarding for ‘using 20x iron keys’. Seriously, 5 months and nothing. Console users, I suspect have adopted the ‘oh well’ attitude when it comes to games needing fixing, due to the distancing they feel they get from developers, or the finger pointing for blame or ‘look to them’ for the solution. Just where does the buck stop? Someone must have the ability to step in and speak for the ENTIRE game and not act like a couple going through a nasty divorce. Even on the 505games website they point players to this forum for solutions, yet here, we are told to go to their website. Anyone else feel like they are on hold when calling a government office?

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I found this forum from a Google search to find out why the game I’ve spent 6+ hours a day playing for the past week is failing horribly today. I had expected to find a Facebook page or even - shudder - a Twitter feed, but this was it. Since discovering this forum, I’ve learned that the issue I had with my 5 iron keys not appearing isn’t my fault, that the slow loads I’ve experienced are an anomaly, and that if I need help someone here will do what they can. I consider myself richer for this information, but still terribly frustrated that my current escape is denied me.

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can you add this to the default info on the game when you post on facebook?

I totally understand your frustration - and hopefully the things we’ve been unrolling in this past week will help you (and others in the same situation) get a better handle on how things work.

The console FAQ includes, among other things, a brief description of why there are different teams working on different versions of the game, and where you should go for support. Posting to these forums (or the console-specific forums) is absolutely the best way to get attention to issues. However, not everything here gets a personal reply. If you want a personal reply, or are having a unique problem that doesn’t apply to other people, then issuing a support ticket through the 505games website might give you a more satisfactory result.

Another point in the FAQ is that console games simply cannot be updated or patched quickly, the way PC & mobile games can. So even when certain problems (such as the Goblin Rocket issue) are identified immediately, it still takes more than a month to get the fix out to players.

So even though we are only now improving our direct contact with players, we have absolutely been working on fixes and new features all along. Hopefully @Nex will be able to announce a launch date for 1.0.85 soon.

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