ANNOUNCING - Improved console version messaging & official FAQ!

As many of you have no doubt noticed, GoW released on console just a few months back. There has been a console bug-reporting system in place, and some discussion of console stuff has been happening in these forums, but there hasn’t been a dedicated place for people to find out specific answers, or a clear way to meet & discuss console-specific topics.

Until now!

An official GoW-console FAQ has been added to the console forums. Hopefully it clears up some questions that people have been asking. If there are other burning questions you need answers for, the FAQ can easily be updated. And the console forums are totally available for any console-specific discussions folks want to have.

For general news and announcements, check the Pipeworks GoW page. Among other things, that will be the first place that the release date for 1.0.85 is announced, once a final date is determined.

But here’s a mini-announcement - the early April patch will not just bring console in-line with the 1.0.8 changes - but will also incorporate nearly all the 1.0.9 changes as well! New troops, balance, and traits will be fully supported. Hero classes, however, will NOT be present in the 1.0.85 console patch, nor will the new messaging systems. Those will be coming along later, once the PC/mobile side has had time to work out all the kinks.


Good call on this! It should keep some of the clutter out of these forums for repeated questions.

That’s not a nice nickname for the console peas… players.

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