Weekly Faction for Veterans

It would be so much better for veterans of the game if the weekly factions could start at the level they are currently on i.e. 250 rather than level 20, this would give us incentive to play in the faction on a weekly basis rather than skipping it.


I wonder if the new “Deep Delve” feature found in the data files might not be doing exactly that? Hint for the community manager team: the community loves getting spoiled every once in a while about things that may or may not happen.


Cant really do that because of Leaderboard… Higher level gets more points…

Unless if you accept the “Deep Delve” option means you cant be in leaderboard anymore then it might work that way.

Players have been asking for this for a very long time and its probably unlikely to be acted upon now. Factions have always been extremely unfair to players with real life commitments but all suggestions to assist them have rarely registered any response from PR let alone the devs. It can be argued now that over time, kingdom power will add an additional 50% to hoard stats but with the scarcity of writs and imperial deeds, the time required will be exceptional. Factions have always been unpopular in the majority but if anything, the devs have endeavoured to make them harder rather than easier. Events are now synchronised with the selected weekly booster (eg mech and adana) to inflate the enemy stats even further. Certain heroic gems can also be problematic. It should have been rethought and amended in the early days but that ship has sailed. Faction release is complete and dev attention is focussed elsewhere.


It’s somewhat unexpected but there really is something cooking in regards to delves.

1.) The treasure hoard itself will in some way support potions:

2.) Delves can be turned into deep delves on reaching level 100, effect unknown. It requires confirmation, so there are likely some side effects not everybody would want:

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I’ve made so many suggestions about this, it’s just ridiculous. All have been utterly ignored.

On the OP’s point, I would love the option to skip 5 levels at a time, any time I complete a Delve lossless during an Event.

But I’d also like to have a way to transfer potion-like effects to daily delves, just for Pure Faction attempts.

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Hopefully deep delves will bridge the gap for those with less game time. weekend faction reruns are a step in the right direction but its still a big time commitment and many full time workers will choose to use their weekends more creatively. Perhaps deep delves are a means to enable players to complete factions in a different way. My suspicion is that if this is the case it will mean weekend reruns will be replaced by a new event type with higher business potential. Time will tell.

I play the faction event for easy gold and class xp, if my FA starts at lvl 450 I am not gonna touch it.

Not sure I understand Deep Delve.

Can you deep delve on XBox? If so, how is that done?

Deep delve seems to be a work in progress for future release. Details are scant as a result. Just got to wait and see but I am sure it will be on xbox and other platforms in the same form.

Sure. It’s about having workable options, not about making it easy for just one situation and harder for others. That’s one reason why simply adding Potions to events was a seriously flawed design choice.