Level select for delves

Could a level select for delves be implemented after level 500 is completed? Stupidly I took a delve to 500 and now my only option for a pure delve run is either level 50 or 500 with nothing in between.


This is one of the many changes to Delves that have been asked for multiple times.

I personally want an option to start at the level my delve is currently at during a Faction Event. As always starting back at the beginning is a pain when you are trying to max out the delve.

I simply can’t spend the money to buy hundreds if not thousands of gems nor do I have the time to do a faction from 20-500 all in 1 day on Tuesdays. But if I could start off at the level my delve is currently at for the faction, I may be inclined to actually spend my gems on the shop to get the potions and extra sigils to get my delve to 500 and do a pure faction run.

But as it currently stands, I do just enough to complete the reward track and stop as I see no point on wasting my gems to buy more sigils.


I feel your pain with that, the time and cost is too much, unfortunately I don’t think they will do anything to that extent due to the fact it has leaderboard rewards connected and those with a higher level head start would benefit more.

Solution to that issue would be leaderboard only counts for 20-500 runs


It is possible in such a case for a big tie at the top of the LB.

An option to forfeit rewards for a higher level start, not a bad shout :+1:t2:


I’d forfeit the leaderboard rewards as I never got on there anyway. But the regular reward track for the faction event shouldn’t be forfeited to simply start at a higher level.

It would probably just be a better idea to make potions something you could buy per Underworld Kingdom and they stay active permanently or for X amount of days.

You are not alone, this has been asked for over and over and over. Once you have completed level 500 the third slot on the selection screen should open up a variable level select toggle (with regular 1x starting treasure multiplier too).


At least they could unlock the third slot with a fixed level. Instead of “50 - 500 - empty” it could be “50 - 250 - 500”.


If being able to hand pick a level isn’t possible from a technical standpoint, then at least do 50, 150 and 500 as the three possible options. 150 would be enough to clear any delve related campaign task without forcing players to do 500 just to clear any such task without having to rely on a Faction Assault.