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Delve potions be available to use to continue where you left off

Right now, if you don’t spend the time and gems doing a delve on the weekend it comes out, you’re limited to Tuesdays to try and complete it with potion effects. While with the right team, it’s not too hard to finish the delve to level 500 with a regular team, a lot of people find delves difficult to finish with a pure faction team.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would LIKE to be able to complete a delve with a pure faction team, but simply do not have the time to do so, as the Tuesday Faction event makes you start at level 20 and build your way back up to level 500, regardless of how far you’d already gotten to with a regular team. Most people work a regular work schedule and are therefore unable to spare the time to play Gems of War for the number of hours that are required to redo all of the levels they had already finished on a Tuesday. A working day for most people.

Would it be possible for players to ‘continue’ from where they had last gotten to during Faction events? Or at least have that as an option? If they were wanting to try a pure faction run, they might still need to purchase multiple tiers 7 potions in order to have the stats to actually achieve a successful pure faction run, but they would actually have the time to make the attempt.


as someone who still have 11 uncompleted delves, i support the idea but i doubt it will be implemented as it may be unfair to those who completed their delves

Now i wouldn’t like that to be mandatory. I like those lvl 20 event starts. It’s only time i’m “farming” delves these days.
If it was an option, why not?
Other than that, a better approach would be to allow doing any lvl of faction with daily non-event attempts.
Currently, your only options are 50 and 500. Which forces you to do lvl 500 pure faction attempts if you have already done 500 with other teams. It would be better for players to have the ability to pick their level (with rewards multiplier setup as for lvl 50).
At least that way players could upgrade their faction pet to legendary before going for pure 500.

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The problem with this idea is there is a leaderboard. For it to be fair everyone must start off at the same level.

The solution to the delve time problem is to have delves increase by 20 instead of 10. This would cut the time required in half.

In an in-game discussion, @Snooj suggested that there are 2 options when playing the event (much like how you choose Normal vs Epic Vault):

  • Option 1 would be the faction event we all know, where you start at 20 and participate in the leaderboards
  • Option 2 would be “start where you left off”, but you would forego the leaderboards.

Both would have the same shop items for the same price and possibly the same event reward tiers. This way, everyone is happy:

  • People who want leaderboards can still do it
  • People who want to finish delves can now do it
  • People will still spend ridiculous amounts of gems to get the potions and finish events, so stockholders will be happy.

The only people that might not be happy are those who spent a lot of time and resources to raise their hoards to ridiculous levels and finished delves without the aid of potions. However, they finished, so they already have bragging rights and can hold onto their gems while the rest of us with delves left will deplete our stockpiles.


I don’t recall who first mentioned it, but I also like the idea of using the hoard to buy potion effects. That way we’re not reliant only on events, and the hoard becomes useful for the RNG pure faction runs.