Weekly Event: Thunder Down Under

Light up the skies this New year’s Eve with your very own Storm Giant!

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Looks like Zeus grew out his hair this season. :laughing:

Santa’s looking a little blue, and… Greek…

Hoping that “Yellow Gems destroyed” boost ratio is x2. (* crosses fingers *)

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Same thing I’m thinking or his damage will be rather low.

Awesome! So Jarl is the fire giant, we have the ice giants, what about cloud giants? Agh, I’d have to check the pathfinder bestiary, I’m not sure what other kinds there are…

Wind giant? He would just blow away his enemies :smile:

Called it.

Now we just need to see if those Arcane Traitstones are all mono-blue Stormheim… or if that system has been reworked. Because 40 mono-blue Arcanes is not useful. 1%er concerns, I know.

AH, knew that’d be its flavor text… and he has a 3x boost ratio, to be actually useful. Not bad.


Well I could have linked that too :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like a 300-400 glory week for me then more maps

They will probably introduce some transform tool sooner or later.

It’s a shame that i just leveled Sword Edge to gold 3. Could have used those Arcane Stoic’s to unlock the third trait of Peasant and Lance Knight and safe some Runic’s :wink:

On the plus, this new troop gives Stormheim it’s 8 troop and the Arcane can be used for Serpent.

If its not a transform/convert tool, maybe we’ll see the traitstones be aligned with the event troop. That might just make it stupidly easy to max traits on the troop though.

Ironically I don’t have Runic Water worth a damn so I wouldn’t even be able to do THAT! I swear people just don’t have blue home cities to invade. Proportionally speaking.

Yeah my current home kingdom is Pans Vale for the Yellow/Green Arcanes. Afterward (probably long in the future!) I’ll switch over to Wild Plains to collect red/green for Mr Gloomy :wink:

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For Gloom I’m actually just waiting on the Wild Plains event. Whenever that is. But its inevitable, unless they change the system.

Has it been broken down how the Event Keys give out specific rewards? I have some I haven’t opened, want to wait for a good week. Wild Plains just may be that week!

Oh, score, we got Blue/Yellow after all. Now I can upgrade my Sunweaver…

No I can’t, I still don’t have Runic Waters. *facepalm

I’m in Mist of Scales currently… Blue red… But hey I’m a guild-mate so you can’t invade me :slightly_smiling:

And the smiley doesn’t display properly :laughing:

This person is using a god to defend herself. What do i do to beat a god and insult meet injury she has victory bells as well.

Did someone know if Zephyros will be in the chest next week (like Annointed One) or if we go back to the “missing-troops-from-the-chest” feature?